Eden Tyres & Servicing are always trying to help our customers by giving you extra information about your car's safety.

Correct tyre maintenance and care is critical for your safety no matter what type of vehicle you drive. The video's below give advice and information on tyre safety and the importance of looking after your tyres.

Keeping you safe is our business

Mercedes-Benz World weekend
How to check your tyres
Why winter tyres aren't just for snow
The Ultimate Winter Tyre Test
Hunter Four Wheel Alignment Guide
About Continental Tyres
Tyre Maintenance Tips
Tyre Maintenance
Side Wall Cracking
Side wall
Tread Distortion
Why Premium?
Premium Tyres
The importance of wheel alignment
Why your air con smells stale
The Michelin CrossClimate Experience
Impact Damage
Centre wear on tyres
Original Equipment
Shoulder Wear
Shoulder Wear
Spare Tyres
Spare Tyres
Winter Wear
3mm V 1.6mm
How to fit your spare wheel
How to spot premature tyre wear
A lifesaver in your pocket
Cuts On Tyres
cuts on tyres
Normal Wear
Safety Tips
safety tips
Sloped Wear
sloped wear
Tread Pattern
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