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Wheel Straightening​

Alloy Wheel Straightening

If you have a buckled, bent of out of shape alloy wheel then don’t despair!

Our professional hydraulic wheel straightener provides a quick and affordable solution for straightening alloy wheels.

Repairing bent or buckled alloy wheels

A bent, buckle or out of shape alloy wheel is something we see quite frequently in our branches. Usually caused by poor road conditions, if a wheel hits a pothole or even a kerb hard, it can cause the wheel to bend, buckle or create what is known as a flat spot. This can cause the vehicle to ‘wobble’ when driven over or under a certain speed.

Other signs of an out of shape wheel include:

  • A vibration or “shaking” when driving
  • A tyre that continually looses pressure or goes flat
  • Uneven tyre wear
  • Bulging in the sidewall area of the tyre
  • Poor steering/handling
  • Poor brake performance
  • Eventual damage to steering and/or suspension components

To replace an alloy wheel can be extremely expensive, with some wheels costing hundreds of pounds from dealerships. This is why we’ve invested in the very latest straightening equipment, enabling our trained technicians to quickly an easily straighten alloy wheels, providing our customers with an affordable solution to this common problem.

Where can I get alloy wheel straightening?

Alloy wheel straightening is exclusively available at our branches in Derby, Grantham,  Newark & Leicester.

How long does alloy wheel straightening take?

If you would like to wait whilst we carry wheel straightening out, we usually recommend making an appointment as we need to ensure that our expert technician and equipment are available for the procedure. It usually takes around 35-40 minutes to straighten the alloy and refit the tyre, so you shouldn’t be off the road for long!

Please ensure you have your locking wheel nut key available for us to remove your wheel prior to straightening. Our technician will firstly remove your tyre before checking your wheel for flat spots on our hydraulic straightening machine. Once checked, we will correct the flat area and once our technician is happy that your wheel is restored to its correct shape, they will refit your tyre and rebalance your wheel.

*may vary at busy times. We would advise you to book an appointment when possible.

How much does alloy wheel straightening cost?

Alloy wheel straightening costs £69.95 inc VAT per wheel.