Apprenticeships at Eden Tyres & Servicing

As the digital marketing apprentice for Eden Tyres & Servicing and having only finished my A-levels in 2019, I know that it can be difficult when deciding which path to take after you have your exam results. University seems to be the route that is historically pushed on us, but with apprenticeships becoming much more popular and more widely discussed, I’m really pleased that I decided to go for it and become an apprentice rather than a uni student.

There are of course pros and cons for both routes of higher education, but for my role, especially in digital marketing, I stand with the idea that an apprenticeship is absolutely the most beneficial route to go down. You learn so much in such a short space of time with vital hands-on experience in the industry, something that comes only as a result of being exposed to the real working world.

What apprenticeships are available in the automotive industry?

At Eden Tyres & Servicing, we have had various staff members start with us as apprentice tyre fitters who have worked their way up and developed their careers, as well as myself as the digital marketing apprentice. Here is a bit of a low down on why and how Scott, our Newark branch manager and I decided to opt for an apprenticeship:

Can you get a good job as an apprentice?

Absolutely. There are so many options for young people to choose from nowadays and deciding to go for an apprenticeship does not put you at any sort of disadvantage. Although of course there are certain professions that you can only get into with a degree like doctors, teachers etc which is when the university route is likely to be much more beneficial, an apprenticeship can also lead you up a path of success within your career. 

In the automotive industry, apprenticeships are really great and at Eden Tyres we have had various apprentices both past and present and have members of staff still with us to this day who started out as apprentice tyre fitters and are now branch managers! 

Although it is widely assumed that you need to have gone to university and have a degree to reach managerial positions in the workplace, this is simply not the case here at ETS; we have career success stories to prove it.

Scott Woodward- Newark branch manager

I started my career with Eden Tyres & Servicing in 2012 as an apprentice tyre fitter and have worked my way up through the business to be the branch manager in Newark. My automotive career began after attending Kirkby In Ashfield sixth form where I completed a level 2 vehicle inspection RAC course. I then joined the ETS Sutton team as an apprentice tyre fitter, continuing my training at Emtec college in Ruddington with a level 2 vehicle maintenance and repair course. 

3 years later, after completing my apprenticeship, I moved to the Ripley branch where I progressed onto becoming assistant manager & a qualified MOT tester, also passing my level 3 inspection exams.

I chose to do an apprenticeship because I wanted to learn lots of new skills and be in the trade gaining valuable hands-on experience and I really feel like I got that by choosing this route.

Scott’s journey shows how an apprenticeship can open so many doors for your career. You don’t have to go to university to become a manager and taking the apprenticeships route can help you gain vital experience and skills to further your career, as well as learning and earning at the same time!

Lucy Canlin- Digital marketing apprentice

I began my apprenticeship journey with Eden Tyres back in November of 2020 in the digital marketing team after going to sixth form and completing my A-levels in English, Spanish and Geography.

It was a tough decision to choose between going to university or going for an apprenticeship as there are pros and cons to both paths. I did of course end up opting for an apprenticeship because I wanted to be able to get stuck into the marketing industry and learn the different skills on the job whilst gaining real world, hands on experience.

I feel like this is a huge pro of deciding to undertake an apprenticeship and something that might not come as easily if I had chosen to go to university instead. My apprenticeship allows me to learn on the job and gain industry based experience whilst earning at the same time!

Is an apprenticeship better than university?

This is a very long standing discussion and I feel like the question may only be answered like this: it all depends on what you want to do. 

There are certainly pros and cons for both university and an apprenticeship. Going to university means you have a degree under your belt, which helps you get into professions that are only accessible to those with a university qualification, such as a teacher, doctor etc. This is as well as gaining more independent life experience with living away from home and meeting new people, while acquiring a lot of soft skills which will be really useful in any job role. You do, however, have the pressure of loans to pay back once you have graduated and got your degree, as well as the possibility of struggling to get into a job because of a lack of experience.

With an apprenticeship, you have the ability to earn while you learn, as well as getting valuable work experience at the same time as learning lots of new skills and possibly diving into an industry you had no previous knowledge about. Like me; I had no knowledge of the automotive industry at all before I started working here and I have learned heaps since. Not only about marketing as a career, but about the industry, too!

Is it good to do an apprenticeship?

I definitely think that an apprenticeship is a great way to kickstart your career, learn new skills and get valuable work experience. Both apprenticeships and degrees allow you to show that you are determined and willing to work hard. Although an apprenticeship with any company is a lot more hands-on than university, here at Eden Tyres & Servicing, I also attend college to complete the theoretical side to my course. This is what allows me to receive my final level 3 qualification in digital marketing, through attendance of portfolio building workshops and also the completion of exams at the end of each of my modules. 

The incorporation of college within my apprenticeship allows me to gain a lot more module based knowledge and has taught me the basics behind my role in a lot more detail, meaning I can transfer that knowledge into the workplace to help better my skills and most definitely improve my confidence and understand why I am doing what I am doing in more depth.

Deciding what you want to do can be really tough, but there are so many opportunities out there and so many paths you can try. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to know exactly what is going to be right for you! 

If you would be interested in joining our team as an apprentice, we post any vacancies we have on our careers page