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Avon Tyres


Avon Tyres has been manufacturing high-quality tyres for cars, motorbikes, vans and trailers since 1904.

Designed and developed in the UK, its products are proven both on the road and on race tracks around the world.

Avon’s extensive tyre-making experience is combined with the very latest design and manufacturing technology. The company continually invests in research and development and prides itself on having a full range of tyres that meet the demands of almost any driving condition.

Meanwhile, Avon’s tyres are engineered with longevity and fuel economy in mind, making them a smart choice for drivers of high mileage vehicles looking for a quality, cost-effective tyre.

Avon Tyres is also the OE supplier to a range of quality car and bike manufacturers, including Caterham, TVR, KTM and Triumph.

Avon ZV7

The ZV7 is a high performance tyre which is made with a special combination of performance and safety.

  • EU Label Graded “A” Wet Grip
  • Noise dampening structures
  • Tread blocks feature 3D sipes

Avon ZX7

The ZX7 is a high performance 4×4 tyre designed specifically for performance CUVs and SUVs.

  • EU Label Graded “A” Wet Grip
  • Latest functional polymer technology
  • Asymmetric tread pattern
Avon AX7

Avon AX7

The AX7 is Avon’s all-terrain tyre designed for drivers wanting all-round on and off road performance.

  • 5 rib all-terrain design
  • Stone ejectors
  • EU Label Graded ʺCʺ Wet Grip
Avon AS7

Avon AS7

The Avon AS7 is an all season tyre designed to give maximum grip and safety in any weather condition.

  • Three Peak Mountain certified for use in snow and ice
  • Impressive grip in wet conditions
  • Durable with a long-lasting tread

Avon AV12

The Avon AV12 is our safest, most durable and most economical commercial tyre to date.

  • Safety first and long lifespan
  • Enhanced durability
  • Fuel efficient
Avon AS12

Avon AS12

The Avon AS12 is an all season van tyre designed to keep you safely on the road in any weather condition.

  • Three Peak Mountain Certified for use in snow and ice
  • Long-lasting, durable tread
  • Impressive grip on wet roads