Don't let your battery let you down..Call in for a FREE Battery check today! 

Batteries are the biggest cause of breakdowns in the UK which is why we recommend that you get your vehicles battery checked at least once a year.  

All our branches offer free battery checks which take approximately 5 minutes to do, once we have checked your battery we will give you a printout which explains your batteries state of health.  If you do need a replacement battery we carry stock of Exide batteries which covers around 95% of all cars in the UK, so we should be able to get you back on the road within 30 minutes.


Here at Eden Tyres & Servicing we have been supplying Exide batteries for over 5 years. Exide is our battery of choice as they are a great quality product at a great price.  

What warranty do I get with my new battery?

All our Exide batteries come with a minimum 3 year warranty.

Can I see proof that my battery needs replacing?

Yes. All Eden Tyres & Servicing branches use battery testers that print out a health report for your battery. Once we've done your FREE battery check we will give you a copy of the report for your records along with a quote for your new battery.

How much will my new battery cost?

Different makes and models of vehicles require different battery requirements and so costs do vary from vehicle to vehicle. We can usually get you a battery quote if you give us a call with your vehicle details and registration number, however it's always best for us to check the battery in person.

I only need a cheap battery, do I have to buy Exide?

No. We can offer you a 1 year warranty economy battery as an alternative to Exide.  However, we offer the Exide batteries at such low prices that you may find there's not much cost difference and decide to opt for Exide anyway.

If my car is struggling to start, is it likely to be just the battery at fault?

As most modern vehicles have very complicated electrical systems, sometimes an electric fault can be the cause of a drain on the battery.  Our testing equipment will check this alongside checking your battery health, so we can pinpoint where the problem is coming from.