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Research shows that car batteries are the biggest cause of breakdowns in the UK. Figures suggest that 2 out of every 3 breakdowns is caused by a car battery related issue.  All vehicles rely on the health of their battery to operate and, as modern vehicles feature increasing smart technology, car batteries have become much more advanced.

We stock a very wide range of Exide car batteries in all our branches. All Exide car batteries come with a 4 year warranty as standard. If you think you need a new battery for your car please contact our friendly team for a quote or book a free battery health check online. A battery check takes just a few minutes and we provide a full report on the health & charge level of your battery. 

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Conventional car battery

If your vehicle is over 10 years old then the chances are it’ll need a conventional vehicle battery.

Less expensive than specialist batteries, most conventional batteries will last between 3-5 years.

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Stop/Start battery

If your car features stop/start technology then you’ll require a specialist AGM or EFB battery.

Stop/Start batteries last longer than conventional batteries but are more expensive.

It’s essential that stop/start batteries are professionally fitted. This is because they may need registering with the vehicle’s on board computer. Registering the battery will ensure all the smart features continue to function correctly.

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Hybrid car battery

As Hybrid vehicles have become more popular there has been a rise in the need for specialist hybrid batteries.

Hybrid vehicles have two batteries, a main electric battery and a 12V battery.  The electric battery is designed to last as long as the vehicle whilst the 12V battery may need replacing at some point.

Do I need a new car battery?

So do you need a replacement battery for your car? There are a few signs that it’s time for a new battery:

Your car is struggling to start

If your engine sounds sluggish when you start it up it’s a sign that your battery may need replacing. Listen to how your engine sounds, if it’s slower to respond than normal it’s time to get your battery checked.

Dim lights

As the vehicle battery also powers electrical components throughout your vehicle, if it’s starting to fail you’ll notice these are dimmer than usual. The headlights are the most obvious to be affected by a failing battery but this may be apparent in other lights both inside and outside the vehicle.

Clicking noise

When you turn the key to start your car the vehicle battery omits an electrical current to start the engine. If the power is insufficient then you may hear a clicking noise.

Car battery testing

If you suspect your battery is starting to fail then it’s a good idea to get a battery health check. We carry our battery checks free of charge in all our branches and are able to provide you with a printed report showing the condition of your battery for your records.
What’s tested in a battery test?

There are 2 main checks we carry out when testing your battery. These are:

Battery voltage

Our battery test measures the voltage of your battery. If it’s lower than 12.6V this indicates it needs either recharging or replacing.

Start Capacity

The battery test measures the starting ability of the battery from cold. If the start capacity is below 75% of the capacity this shows that the battery is starting to deteriorate and you may experience problems.

Battery test results

  • Good battery – no action required
  • Good battery Recharge – battery needs re-charging, this can be done by taking the car for a 45 min journey to allow the battery to recharge.
  • Recharge Battery then re-test – the battery is drained and in need of recharging, this will need to be re-tested again in 7 days’ time
  • Replace battery – the battery is entering the end of its service life and a new battery is recommended.
Battery test results

Does my battery need re-charging or replacing?

What to do if you have a flat battery

car sizes

What car battery do I need?

If you need a replacement battery then choosing the right one is essential if your vehicle is to perform as it should.

Just because a battery fits into the vehicle’s battery holding tray doesn’t mean it’s the correct one. Along with battery size you also need to check where the terminals are located, what type of terminal you need, the voltage, ampage & number of cells.

If that sounds complicated then you’ll be relieved to know that our technicians can do all the hard work for you. Simply contact your local branch and they’ll be able to find the battery for your vehicle using your registration number.

Exide car batteries

We’ve been supplying and fitting Exide batteries for over a decade and believe they deliver the perfect balance in being very high quality yet affordable.

We stock a wide range of Exide batteries to suit a variety of vehicles. All Exide batteries come with a 4 year guarantee as standard.

If you’d like a quote on an Exide battery for your vehicle please contact our team with your requirements and registration number.

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