How to Save Fuel

How to Save Petrol

How to Save Petrol Fuel prices are rising, with none of us knowing when petrol

Part worn tyres

Are part-worn tyres safe?

Part-worn tyres Are part-worn tyres safe? Part-worn tyres are seen by many drivers as the

no spare wheel breakdown

No spare wheel and a flat tyre

When you have no spare wheel and a flat tyre! 9/10 of new vehicles are

antifreeze bottle

Why anti-freeze is so important for your vehicle As we head into winter and the

Car battery test

Trustpilot Does my car battery need charging or replacing? It’s a cold morning and after

car battery being recharged

What to do if your car battery is flat? If you’ve ever jumped into your

Vehicle service from above

Does my car need a service?

Does my car need a service? If you want your car to maintain performance, resale

Looking after your car this autumn

Looking after your car this autumn As autumn sets in, colder days and darker nights

Apprenticeships at Eden Tyres & Servicing As the digital marketing apprentice for Eden Tyres &

20p tyre check

How to check tyres are safe

How to check tyres Tyres are the only part of a vehicle that comes into

MOT backlog could take drivers off the road this autumn Continental Tyres are warning drivers

MOT testing

Is MOT testing back to normal? Covid has affected many areas of all our lives

Driving in Summer Showers

Driving in summer showers The truth is, a really heavy shower can be a dangerous

tyre in the rain

Driving safely in wet weather How summer rainfall leads to slippery roads Sudden rain &

The purpose of the air-recirculation button in your vehicle When the weather heats up and

Top facts about air conditioning This time of the year, most motorists rely on their

Why is my aircon warm?

Why is my air con warm? Every summer when the weather gets warmer we have

air-con smells

Why does my air con smell bad? The most common cause of AC smells is

Should I fit budget tyres?

Should I fit budget tyres? Sometimes, when you need replacement tyres the concern at the

The importance of having the correct tyre pressure How often do you check the pressure

Driving in thunder & lightning Can you drive in thunder and lightning? You may be

Preparing your car for a spring road trip With the weather warmer and the chill

The New EU Tyre Label

NEW EU TYRE LABEL Tyre label updates from 1st May 2021 New QR code links

What do my dashboard warning lights mean? A guide to dashboard warning lights The warning

                      Hybrid vehicle maintenance Hybrid

The difference between Hybrid, Plug-In Hybrid and Electric Cars Electric cars are becoming more and

What to do if you’ve lost your locking wheel nut key I’ve lost my locking

Factors that affect your stopping distance What is stopping distance? Many drivers don’t realise that

This week marked the 5th ANNIVERSARY of our Burton branch! It’s hard to believe our

Staff Focus | Adam Blackburn

Staff Focus | Adam Blackburn We spoke to Adam, our Wholesale Manager about his experience

International Women’s Day As it’s International Women’s Day this week, we’re celebrating all the women

What gets checked during your MOT? During the first lockdown, the government put in place

STAFF FOCUS | Ashby De La Zouch’s assistant manager Matt Lavelle If you’ve been a

Looking after your car in lockdown As we are plunged into yet another lockdown and

Can car dealers open in the new 2021 national lockdown? Can I buy a car

6 top tips for looking after your car tyres during lockdown Motors | Published: Apr

Using your car in Tier 4

As the tier systems are constantly changing and restrictions are becoming more confusing and unclear,

Can I car share in lockdown?

Can I car share in lockdown? COVID-19 can create confusion and uncertainty, especially surrounding what

How to maintain your vehicle’s health during the Coronavirus pandemic. With so many of us

Get prepared for the pressure of Christmas Families can reduce their chances of being stranded

Feeling the Pressure of Christmas? As we all know, Christmas is a busy time of

How do I properly de-ice my car?

How to properly de-ice your car As the coldness of winter really starts to close

Why are tyres black

Why are tyres black?

Why are tyres black? One of our most frequently asked questions is one you may

Online Servicing Offers What exactly are you getting for your money? With the growing popularity

                  Should I fit new tyres to

TMPS light

What is TPMS and how does it work?

What is TPMS? How tyre pressure monitoring systems work You may have heard of TPMS

The 8 essential car checks to carry out before hitting the road For many people,

Checking your vehicle is roadworthy If your vehicle MOT was due after March 30th  you

The Facts About Winter Tyres

The facts about Winter tyres More grip in freezing conditions   Winter Tyres don’t harden

How to de-ice your car the right way With January and February being the coldest

Driving safely in the snow and ice: Driving in ice and snow isn’t just about

69% of motorists don’t know the minimum tread depth Taking the results of a survey