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Air-Con Regas

Car manufacturers recommend an air-con regas every 1- 2 years. This maintains the system so it works efficiently and generates ice-cold air-con.

All air-con systems naturally lose gas, in fact any vehicle over 2 years old is likely to need a regas. When air-con gas pressure drops your air-con won’t be able to function effectively and produce cold air. This loss of efficiency puts strain on your engine, making it work harder and using more fuel in the process. An air-con regas isn’t included in an annual vehicle service so can easily get overlooked.

Our f-gas registered technicians are expertly trained to thoroughly check and regas your air-conditioning system, ensuring it is functioning efficiently resulting in clean, ice-cold air conditioning.

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Select the AC gas. Most older systems use R134A gas whereas vehicles made after 2017 need R1234YF.

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Pick an exact date & time. An air-con regas usually takes around 30-45 minutes.

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What air-con gas does my car need?

There are two types of air-con refrigerant gas used for air-con regassing. There is the traditional R134A gas and the newer R1234YF. Generally speaking, if your vehicle was registered before 2017 it is likely to need the R134A gas. However, vehicles registered in 2017 and onwards tend to have systems that require the new R134YF gas. We would always recommend checking your vehicle handbook to clarify the exact refrigerant your vehicle requires.

Air-Con Regas R134A

The standard R134A is used for vehicles made before 2017 has been used for over 20 years. However, in recent year it’s been found to be extremely damaging for the environment and a contributing factor in the destruction of the ozone layer.

Although we can still use this gas on older AC systems, we have to take measures to help reduce any damage. All our air-con technicians are F-gas registered & fully trained to prevent the R134A gas escaping into the atmosphere during the regassing process. It’s for this reason that a nitrogen test is carried out prior to a recharge on any system that contains no gas or that we suspect may have a leak.

Air-Con Regas R1234YF

If your vehicle was manufactured after the 1st January 2017 it will need the newer R1234YF gas. This gas is less damaging to the ozone, producing 98% less climate damaging pollutants.

Vehicles manufactured before 2017 are likely to need the traditional R134A gas, however it is worth checking as some manufacturers made the switch to the new generation gas as early as 2012. The best way to know for sure is to lift the bonnet and look for a sticker which says either R1-34A or R12-34YF – whichever code is printed on the sticker is the refrigerant gas your vehicle will need.

We offer the new generation R1234YF air-con regas in all our branches which can be booked online at the cost of £109.99.

Anti-bacterial air-con cleanse

For bad smelling air-con


Smelly air-con is an unpleasant but common problem. As vehicle manufacturers have made AC system components smaller in an effort to save space, bacteria, fungus and other microbes are easily trapped inside the evaporator core which is what causes a musty smell when you turn on the air-con. This often happens at the start of summer when the air-con hasn’t been used for a while.

To solve this issue, we can carry out an antibacterial cleanse on your air con system. This removes any build up of bacteria leaving your air-con clean and smelling fresh. Book online or ask the team at your local Eden Tyres & Servicing branch.

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