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budget tyres
budget tyres

Budget Tyres

We sell a lot of budget tyres and just because they’re cheaper, doesn’t mean they won’t be suitable for your vehicle.  Sometimes, when you need replacement tyres the concern at the forefront of your mind is cost. You know your vehicle needs new rubber but you just can’t warrant, or afford, the price tag that comes with buying premium quality brands.

What you use the vehicle for and how long you intend to keep it will also have a factor on how much you want to spend on your tyres.
Thankfully, budget tyre brands manufacture tyres in a wide range of sizes to fit the vast majority of vehicles. They even make tyres with run-flat technology, so if you own a BMW or Mini there are alternative options to help keep tyre replacement costs down. Whilst these lower priced tyres may not offer everything high quality performance tyres deliver, they will ensure you’ll be safe and legal on the road.

Here, we’re going to look at the pro’s & con’s of buying cheap tyres and what to expect when you choose to fit an unbranded tyre.

Are cheap tyres safe?

Regardless of cost, all new tyres sold in the UK have to meet industry standards. All new tyres sold in the UK must pass the legal requirements & safety tests.

  • New budget tyres have the same tread depth of 7-8 mm as premium tyres
  • They must meet the tyre safety standards to be sold in the UK
  • They each have an EU tyre label with tyre ratings
  • They are much safer than buying part worn tyres

Advantages of budget tyres

Budget Tyres Pro’s

  • They’re cheaper than branded tyres
  • They have the same mm of tread as other new tyres
  • They’re made in sizes & specifications to suit the majority of vehicles
  • They meet the British safety standards necessary to sell them in the UK

Disadvantages of budget tyres

Budget tyre con’s

  • May not last as long as premium tyres
  • Tend to have a higher noise level
  • Can be more difficult to match up to when replacing
  • Often have lower fuel economy ratings

Should I fit budget tyres?

As with most things in life, if you opt to spend less you will have to make a few compromises. Whilst budget tyres are a popular & suitable option for many drivers, there are a few things you should be aware of before parting with your hard earned cash.

  • Longevity. Most cheap or unbranded tyres wear more quickly than premium quality tyres.
  • Grip. Budget tyres generally don’t provide as much grip as high quality tyres. Especially in wet conditions, they won’t stick to the road quite as well as a premium quality tyre.
  • Handling. Premium quality tyres are more expensive due to the investment that goes into their design & materials. They do tend to provide better handling & a better driving experience than budget tyres.
  • Noise. Budget tyre compounds usually produce more external noise than higher quality tyres. Many drivers wouldn’t notice this but it may bother owners of very quiet vehicles such as Jaguars.
  • Replacement. One of the main drawbacks of choosing budget tyres is that it can be difficult to purchase exactly the same tyre repeatedly. This is because budget tyres are often imported from countries such as China. It’s not always possible for us to guarantee stock in every size (as they’re ordered in mixed size containers). Branded tyres have warehouses in the UK – which makes matching up to a specific tread pattern much easier.

Cheap tyres may be a good choice for:

  • Builders/tradesmen who work on sites and often get punctures
  • Drivers on a budget who are looking for the cheapest option
  • Drivers who only do very low mileage on minor roads
  • Vehicle owners selling the car on

Premium tyres are a better option for:

  • High performance vehicles
  • Electric vehicle tyres
  • Drivers with an aggressive driving style who enjoy getting the most from their vehicle performance.
  • Drivers who do high mileage on fast roads such as motorways

Budget tyre brands

We’ve been supplying & fitting tyres to vehicles for over 40 years now and have years of experience when it comes to supplying the best budget tyres. Our purchasing team have worked hard to source the very best budget tyres available and deal directly with overseas tyre manufacturers to ensure we can supply them at the lowest prices possible. We’ve supplied & fitted the following economy tyre brands for over 15 years and are confident they deliver the most reliable performance at the best value prices.

Our budget tyre brands include Radar, Accelera & Tracmax. We fit hundreds of these tyres every single week and they’re a popular choice with customers as they represent great quality at  value prices.

For customers wanting the next step up from a budget tyre, Zeta tyres offer fantastic value and a higher quality tyre. 

Radar Tyres

  • High quality budget tyre
  • Available in  wide range of sizes
  • Radar Renegade available for 4×4 off road/on road
  • £2 donated to breast cancer research for every tyre sold

Accelera Tyres

  • Ultra High Performance low cost tyre 
  • Tread designed for excellent performance, handling and stability.
  • Accelera PHI R designed for reduced noise and improved steering
  • Good EU wet grip ratings

Tracmax Tyres

  • A leading Chinese tyre manufacturer
  • 80% of consumers would buy again
  • Increasing reputation as a budget tyre
  • Many sizes rated B for wet grip

Triangle Tyres

  • Leading Chinese tyre manufacturer Est. 1976
  • Sells over 10 million tyres every year in more than 130 countries
  • Wide range of sizes available
  • Good reputation as a budget tyre across the world

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