Can I car share in lockdown?

COVID-19 can create confusion and uncertainty, especially surrounding what we can and can't do. Let's introduce some clarification surrounding car sharing in lockdown 2.0!

Got your own car?

 With the ever-changing situation we are currently facing with COVID-19 and the different changing rules we must follow, it can sometimes get a little difficult to know exactly what we can and cannot do. Here, we talk through a few frequently asked questions surrounding car travel and sharing, just to make it that bit easier for you to keep informed and up to date!

For people who have their own car, the rules are relatively straight forward- work from home if you are able, but if you can’t, make sure to avoid using public transport, drive yourself to work and observe social distancing once in the workplace. Things may start to get confusing for those who do not have their own car. 

Worried about how you'll get to work?

The Department of Transport has now issued guidance for those worried about car sharing under the current nationwide restrictions. According to this advice, if you usually travel to work in the same car from outside of your household, you should try and find an alternative way of travelling to work that minimises social contact and allows you to follow social distancing (walking, ride a bike etc). 

If this is not possible, you are permitted to share a car with someone from another household if you take precautions to reduce social contact and the possibility of transmission. This could include wearing a mask (unless medically exempt), rolling the windows down to increase ventilation and sitting in the back seat rather than the passenger seat. 

An overall summary:

You should also make sure to be aware of the surfaces you or others may touch. If people from different households use the same vehicle, you should clean it between journeys. Make sure you clean door handles, the steering wheel and other areas that people may touch.

In summary, you should ideally not share your car with anybody unless they are from your household or in your support bubble. However, if this is impossible and there are no other possible ways of you travelling to work, sharing a car with 1 other person is permitted if the necessary precautions are taken. 

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