Founded in 1871, german tyre manufacturer Continental tyres is one of the most trusted tyre brands in the world.

Safety is at the heart of everything Continental does. Each day, over 200,000 highly skilled employees in 53 countries – including the UK – are exploring new car tyre solutions for diverse road conditions.

Continental has a history of designing premium tyres for car giants such as Mercedes-Benz, Audi, BMW and Landrover, in fact 1 in 3 cars manufactured in Europe is factory fitted with Continental tyres as original equipment. This makes Continental Europe’s number one choice amongst all vehicle producers. As a tyre manufacturer of OE tyres, every tyre must conform to the highest standards of quality and performance. This approval process can take up to forty years, and each OE tyre has to pass around 100 tyre tests.

If your vehicle was fitted with Continental tyres when it was manufactured, then you have the assurance of knowing that this tyre has been developed especially for your vehicle and stringently tested by the manufacturer to ensure it meets the very highest standards.

We stock a wide range of Continental tyres for cars, vans and 4×4’s in all our branches including specialist Continental winter, all-season, Runflat and ContiSeal tyre

Continental SportContact 7

Safe & confident driving in wet and dry conditions.

  • BlackChili3 compound harmonised with the tread pattern for long-lasting driving performance.
  • Tailor-made for every vehicle class, each tyre provides the same legendary SportContact feel and performance.
  • Developed to deliver the perfect balance of grip & longevity, delivering significantly increased mileage.

Continental AllSeasonContact

One tyre. Four seasons.

  • Stay in control through every season
  • Trust in reliable all-season grip and braking performance
  • Count on outstanding driving efficiency

Continental PremiumContact 6

Excellent on the road – and in many independent tests.

  • Reliable braking performance whatever the weather
  • Enjoy a comfortable drive thanks to our enhanced footprint design
  • Stay in control with our Macroblock technology
  • Winner of the Tyre Reviews Ultimate Summer Tyre Test 2020

Continental EcoContact 6

Discover more with a tyre that needs less.

  • Reduced fuel consumption and CO2 emissions
  • Go further thanks to the Green Chili™ 2.0 compound
  • Master every twist and turn with optimised grip and handling

Continental CrossContact UHP

For high speed on roads.

  • Short braking distances and high cornering stability
  • Safety reserves for outstanding handling and fun at the wheel
  • Low rolling resistance and excellent grip

ContiVanContact 100

Efficiency and safety for daily use. 

  • High level of efficiency thanks to higher mileage
  • Improved durability on all roads and therefore a longer service life
  • High safety reserves for heavy loads


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