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Continental Tyres
Continental Tyres

Continental Tyres

Continental Tyres was founded in Hanover, Germany over 150 years ago and their tyres are renowned for the quality associated with German engineering. All tyres made by Continental are designed to maximise safety and performance as well as saving on fuel or electric battery power.

Decades of research, development and testing has gone into ensuring the Continental tyres range deliver the most enjoyable and secure driving experience possible. It’s for this reason that they’re fitted to over a third of new cars manufactured in Europe and why they’re the recommended fitment on vehicles such as Mercedes, Audi and BMW.

Continental SportContact 7

Continental SportContact™ 7

The Continental SportContact™7 is a multi-award winning ultra-ultra high-performance tyre which is often fitted to high-performance vehicles such as Audi, Porsche, Mercedes and Tesla. It’s made using specialist Black Chili™ compound so it lasts longer without compromising on grip. Winner of tyre reviews UUHP test 2022.

  • Best in class A rating for wet grip
  • Heats up quicker
  • Longer lasting tread
  • Adaptive tyre tread for all road conditions
Continental AllSeasonContact 2

Continental AllSeasonContact™ 2

The Continental AllSeasonContact™ 2 is the brand-new replacement for the award-winning AllSeasonContact™. This all-season tyre is designed to deliver consistent grip and handling in all weather conditions including moderate snow and ice.

  • Improved energy efficiency helps lower fuel consumption and extend EV range
  • Lasts 15% longer than the original AllSeasonContact tyre
  • Precise handling and increased wet grip
  • 3-peak mountain snowflake certified
Continental PremiumContact 7

Continental PremiumContact™ 7

The Continental PremiumContact™ 7 is the enhanced replacement for the popular PremiumContact™ 6 and offers improved handling & braking as well as comfort and fuel economy. This all-round tyre is made with a compound that contains Red Chili™ technology which makes the tyre heat up faster so you’ll get more grip and safer braking from the start. 

  • Outstanding comfort and safety
  • Longer lasting tread
  • Designed to improve fuel economy
  • Recommended for electric vehicles

Continental UltraContact™ NXT

The brand-new Continental UltraContact NXT is their most sustainable tyre to date. Made with renewable materials that allow it to be up to 65% recycled, it also offers outstanding mileage thanks to Yellow Chili compound. Produced in 19 sizes that all have triple AAA ratings, it is also suitable for use on electric vehicles. 

  • Triple AAA rated across all sizes for wet grip, fuel economy and low noise levels
  • Safe, efficient, and comfortable driving performance
  • Sustainable, up to 65% recyclable
Continental EcoContact 6

Continental EcoContact 6

The Continental EcoContact™6 is an eco friendly tyre that reduces both fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Developed to be safe in both wet and dry conditions, the addition of Green Chili™ technology in the tyre compound reduces tyre wear. Suitable for a wide range of vehicles.

  • Saves on fuel
  • Reduces CO2 emissions
  • Long lasting tread
  • Superior control in wet and dry


This Continental ContiVanContact™ is a premium quality, reliable van tyre designed for long-lasting safety. This tyre offers very high load-carrying capabilities. Designed to be long-lasting and durable as well as providing short, safe braking distances even on wet roads.

  • Designed to save fuel
  • Safe handling, even with heavy loads
  • Long-lasting tread
  • Shorted braking distances on wet roads

Continental tyres for electric vehicles

Continental EV ready tyres

New generation Continental tyres have an EV approved tick on the tyre sidewall to show the tyre is suitable to use on electric vehicles. As with all tyres, you must fit tyres of the correct size, speed and load rating. As electric vehicles are heavier than traditional vehicles, you may need an “HL” tyre for heavy loads. If you’re not sure, check your vehicle handbook or contact the team at your local Eden Tyres & Servicing branch. 

ContiSilent Tyres

ContiSilent™ technology is designed to absorb rolling road noise. This technology is particularly useful for tyres fitted to electric vehicles with no engine noise.

HL Heavy load tyres

Continental tyres manufacture HL tyres for heavy electric vehicles.   A HL “Heavy Load” tyre’s load capacity is almost a quarter greater than that of a standard tyre.

Continental tyres manufacture approved OEM tyres for electric vehicles including the Audi e-tron, Polestar 2, Mercedes EQA, EQB and Tesla.

FAQ's about Continental Tyres

Who are Continental Tyres?

Continental Tyres is a German tyre manufacturer founded in Hanover in 1871. They have over 200,000 highly skilled employees in 53 countries across the world including here in the UK.

With a history of designing premium tyres specifically for vehicle manufacturers, they are the number one choice of tyre amongst new vehicle producers. They have dedicated decades to extensive research and testing to ensure their tyres deliver the very best in performance and safety. To test tyres they use proving grounds all over the world, alongside their own tyre testing track the “Contidrom” near Hanover. The Contidrom boasts the worlds first fully-automated tyre testing system where they can test tyres in all conditions throughout the year.

Where are Continental tyres made?

Continental is one of the largest tyre manufacturers in the world, making over 142 million tyres each year. They have tyre manufacturing factories in numerous countries including Germany, the United States, France, Portugal, South Africa, Russia, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, India, China, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

Are Continental tyres expensive?

Continental tyres are a premium brand of tyre so are one of the more expensive tyre brands. As a high-quality tyre, they usually last longer than cheaper tyre brands, providing better grip with shorter braking distances and improved fuel economy. Continental tyre prices vary depending on the size of tyre and what technology it contains. Specialist tyres, such as the ContiSilent, ContiSeal or those with run-flat technology tend to be slightly more expensive.

Are Continental tyres suitable for electric cars?

Yes, you can fit Continental tyres to electric cars. When considering what tyres to choose for an electric vehicle you have to bear in mind the increased vehicle weight, torque and reduced cabin noise. You may need to look for a higher load rating when choosing tyres, with some electric vehicles needing an HL (heavy load) rating.

Continental tyres that contain technology such as ContiSilent™ are an excellent choice for EV’s as they help maintain a quiet drive. The Continental EcoContact™6 is specifically designed to cope with the extra weight and power of electric cars and hybrids.

What cars have approved Continental tyres fitted?

Around a third of European vehicles are manufactured with Continental tyres fitted. Continental make approved tyres for carmakers such as Mercedes, Audi, BMW and Landrover.

Approved tyres are often referred to as OE tyres (original equipment) or OEM (original equipment manufacturer) If you’re looking for approved Continental tyres look out for markings such as MO (Mercedes) AO (Audi) * (BMW or Mini). These tyres have passed hundreds of stringent tests set by the vehicle manufacturer to ensure the very best performance. These tyres are fitted to new vehicles and should ideally be replaced with the same tyres in order to maintain vehicle performance and driver enjoyment.