Continental UltraContact

The Continental UltraContact. Made to endure.

  • Enjoy superior mileage
  • Rely on remarkable robustness
  • Advanced wet performance and low noise
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Continental UltraContact

Continental’s new tyre for ultra-high mileage driving. Designed so you can enjoy your driving experience knowing your tyres are designed to last.

Continental UltraContact

Ultra-high mileage

Get maximum mileage from your new tyres by choosing Continental’s new UltraContact. The YellowChilli compound and advanced tread design deliver an ultra-high mileage tyre and safe, secure handling.


The UltraContact features all-round protective construction with a thick and durable UltraSheild casing. This provides advanced damage protection for everyday driving on rough and smooth roads.

Safe on wet roads

Experience driving pleasure – even in the rain. The addition of numerous uniquely shaped sipes helps disperse surface water quickly to enable short braking distances.

Enjoy a quiet drive

Special noise breakers in the tyre tread lead to significant noise reduction ensuring driving your car is as safe and as comfortable as possible.

Continental UltraContact absorbing tread

Absorbing Pattern

Wet performance and noise

The unique absorbing pattern ensures safety in the wet and low noise.

Continental UltraContact UltraSheild



Extra durable with an UltraSheild casing delivering remarkable robustness.

Continental UltraContact Yellow Chilli


High mileage tyre

Brand new YellowChilli compound ensures superior mileage.

Continental UltraContact sizes

Available from Spring 2022, there is currently over 100 sizes available in the UltraContact with more to come next year.

Tyre widths in mm

155 – 245

Tyre profiles

40 – 80

Rim sizes in inches

14 – 20

Speed ratings: T, H, V, W, Y