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Electric Car Servicing

As the popularity of electric cars has increased the demand for electric car servicing has grown. If you own an electric car you may wonder what to do about getting a service. As electric motoring is relatively new to most car owners there are numerous questions when thinking about maintaining or servicing an electric car.

As EV ownership has increased rapidly in the last few years we’ve invested heavily in training and equipment to ensure our branches can meet the demand for electric vehicle servicing. Our advanced technicians have undergone intensive training and gained IMI accredited qualifications for electric vehicle maintenance & repair.

Our EV servicing offers a genuine alternative to expensive dealership servicing. If you choose to have an electric or hybrid vehicle service at an Eden Tyres & Servicing branch your vehicle warranty will be maintained.

Fixed price servicing


Our electric vehicle servicing is fixed price. Whether you choose an interim or full vehicle service the price you see is the price you’ll pay.  All prices include labour and vat.


You don’t have to visit an electric vehicle dealership for servicing to maintain your vehicle warranty. Our EV servicing ensures your car is looked after and your warranty protected.

EV vehicle technicians


ETS advanced technicians have undergone specialist EV vehicle training. They are IMI accredited for electric vehicle maintenance and repair.

How often do electric cars need servicing?

Our EV servicing follows the same streamlined approach as our standard servicing and much like traditional cars, electric cars can have a interim or full service. Which service you have will depend on the length of time since your last service and your annual mileage.

Recommended every 6 months or after 6000 miles

Recommended every 12 months or after 12000 miles

As with any vehicle, it’s always best to check the manufacturers guidelines when it comes to your servicing schedule. Servicing guidelines can be found in the vehicle handbook but if you’re unsure then contact your local ETS branch who can check this on your behalf.

Are electric vehicles expensive to service?

Servicing an electric vehicle can cost as little as £107. Prices depend on engine size and the level of service required, interim or full.

Is electric vehicle servicing different to standard servicing?

Electric cars are serviced in a slightly different way to combustion engine vehicles. There’s no oil to change, oil filter or spark plugs to worry about. However, there are a series of checks that can only be undertaken by a trained EV technician as part of an electric vehicle service. 

If you need other services for your EV or Hybrid then we can help. EV technicians are also able to advise on specialist components such as electric vehicle tyres & EV batteries.

Electric vehicle motor

Electric Motor


high voltage cabling

High voltage cabling


electric vehicle brakes


steering check


electric vehicle tyres

Wheels & Tyres

Wipers & lights