Electric Vehicle Tyres

Buying tyres for an electric vehicle

If you’re looking for the best tyres for an electric vehicle there are several things you need to consider. Electric vehicles are heavier than traditional vehicles, have instant torque and no engine noise; all of which need to be thought about when selecting the best tyres for your EV.

It’s also important to fit a tyre which is very energy efficient, often referred to as having a low rolling resistance. This will ensure that you’ll get the maximum range from your electric vehicle.

Do electric vehicles need special tyres?

As long as you select the correct size, speed and load rating you can legally fit any make of tyre to an electric vehicle. However, a tyre that’s been designed specifically for an EV will ensure you’ll retain the performance and unique characteristics that make your electric vehicle such an enjoyable and safe drive.

It’s always advised where possible to fit the EV approved tyres your electric vehicle was supplied with when new. These are often referred to as the OE tyres (original equipment) and are the tyres developed alongside the vehicle manufacturer to deliver the best performance, comfort, safety and EV battery range.

Tyres designed for electric vehicles

Pirelli Tyres
Pirelli P Zero ELECT

Pirelli P Zero ELECT™

The Pirelli P Zero ELECT™ is a specialist tyre designed for electric vehicles. Designed to deliver the high levels of grip needed for the instant torque and power of an electric vehicle. Developed to be long-lasting, quiet and to maximise electric vehicle range.

  • Low rolling resistance for optimum electric vehicle range
  • Noise reducing technology for a quiet drive
  • Long-lasting tread wear
  • Reinforced structure to cope with extra EV weight
Michelin tyres
Michelin Pilot Sport EV tyre

Michelin Pilot Sport EV

The Michelin PilotSport EV is a high-performance summer tyre for electric and hybrid vehicles. It’s been designed to be quiet on the road, extend EV battery range and provide high levels of grip in the wet even when worn.

  • Reliable grip for confident handling even at speed
  • Safe wet grip even when worn
  • Tests show increased battery range
  • Features acoustic technology for a quiet drive
Hankook Tyres
Hankook iON EVO

Hankook iON evo AS

The Hankook iON evo AS has been designed specifically for electric vehicles. This tyre delivers uncompromised performance, lasting tread and a quiet drive.

  • 25% improvement on tread wear when fitted to a heavy electric vehicle.
  • Energy efficient properties for increased EV battery range.
  • 29% reduction in road noise to protect the silent cabin in an EV.
Continental Tyres

Continental EcoContact™ 6

The Continental EcoContact™6 is an EV ready eco friendly tyre that has been designed to be extremely energy efficient. Safe in both wet and dry conditions, the addition of Green Chili™ technology in the tyre compound reduces tyre wear. Suitable for a wide range of vehicles including electric and hybrid.

  • Energy efficient
  • Reduces CO2 emissions
  • Long lasting tread
  • Superior control in wet and dry
Bridgestone Tyres
Bridgestone Turanza Eco

Bridgestone Turanza Eco

The Bridgestone Turanza Eco won What Car’s electric car tyre of the year back in 2021. This high-performance eco-friendly summer tyre is around 20% lighter than a standard Bridgestone tyre, and the addition of Enliten™ technology makes the Turanza Eco particularly suited to electric vehicles.

  • Low rolling resistance to extend electric vehicle range
  • Noise reduction technology for a quiet drive
  • Long lasting tread
  • Reliable grip on wet and dry surfaces
Vredestein Tyres

Vredestein Quatrac Pro EV

The Vredestein Quatrac Pro EV is the first all-season tyre designed for electric vehicles. This tyre has highly developed energy saving properties which maximise electric vehicle range. It is 3-peak mountain certified for all-weather performance including snow and ice.

  • Lighter construction for improved comfort and extended range
  • Superior handling and stability
  • Low noise levels for a quiet drive
  • HL marked for “heavy load” electric vehicles

FAQ's about electric vehicle tyres

Can you fit any tyre to an electric vehicle?

As long as you choose a tyre that is the correct size for your electric vehicle and has adequate load and speed ratings then you can fit any make of tyre. However, choosing a tyre designed specifically for electric vehicles, sometimes known as an “EV ready” tyre will help you get the best performance from your EV. 

Are electric vehicle tyres different?

Electric vehicle tyres contain technology that helps get the maximum performance and enjoyment from your EV. Electric vehicle tyres are designed to cope with extra vehicle weight and increased torque that could cause a standard tyre to wear more quickly. They are usually very energy efficient which ensures you’ll get the maximum electric vehicle range from a single charge. They also usually feature some form of noise reducing technology which ensures you won’t hear excessive road surface noise in the almost silent cabin.

How much do electric vehicle tyres cost?

If you choose to fit tyres that have been specifically designed for an electric vehicle these tend to be manufactured by premium tyre makers such as Michelin, Continental and Pirelli and so come with a slighter higher price tag. As with all tyres, size, tyre technology and popularity will all influence the price. As the EV market continues to grow more tyres are becoming available, from budget and mid-range options suitable to fit on an EV.

Do electric vehicle tyres wear more quickly?

The increased weight and instant torque of an electric vehicle can cause tyres to wear more quickly. As on all vehicles, tyre wear will depend on the individual vehicle and the way it’s driven. Any issues with wheel alignment or wheel balancing will have an even greater impact on tyre wear than on a standard ICE vehicle.

Extra weight + increased torque = more strain on tyres

Can you make electric vehicle tyres last longer?

EVs are powerful, heavy vehicles and even when fitted with specialist EV tyres they require frequent maintenance to prevent premature tyre wear.

Any issue with wheel balancing, alignment or incorrect pressure will have an impact on tyre wear much more quickly than with tyres fitted to a petrol or diesel fuelled vehicle. We’d recommend electric car owners get into the habit of checking tyre pressures every 2 weeks to ensure no strain is put on the tyre structure by under or over inflation.

Regular wheel alignment checks are essential if you own an electric car. Any misalignment could cause rapid wear on the edges of the tyre. Thankfully alignment checks can be carried out free of charge in any of our branches.

Can tyres affect electric vehicle range?

Yes. Choosing a tyre with low rolling resistance will help maximise electric vehicle range. You can check the rolling resistance rating of any tyre by looking at the fuel efficiency rating on the EU tyre label. A score of “A” is the most efficient rating whereas a score of “E” is the worst.

Data shows that tyres with a good efficiency rating can help extend electric vehicle range by up to 12%. If your EV has a range of around 250 miles then a tyre with an “A” rated fuel efficiency rating could give you an extra 30 miles in range compared to a “C” rated tyre.

Choosing tyres for an electric vehicle

So if you’re looking to buy specialist electric vehicle tyres for your EV you’ll have to consider much more than simply selecting the correct tyre size. Thankfully, many tyre manufacturers have developed EV tyre technology for drivers who’ve made the switch to electric motoring.

  • Electric vehicles are heavier than traditional vehicles thanks to the electric battery. You’ll need a tyre that is substantially reinforced to ensure it can carry this weight effectively.
  • Electric vehicle designers are continually looking for ways to improve electric vehicle range. To maximise EV range you’ll need a tyre with a low rolling resistance.
  • Electric vehicles have no engine noise & are very quiet to drive. The main noise you’ll hear in an EV will come from the tyres on the road surface which is why you’ll need a very quiet tyre.
  • Electric vehicles accelerate rapidly & because of their extra weight take longer to stop. Therefore, they require a tyre that has high levels of grip, especially in the wet. Extra weight + increased torque = more strain on tyres

What makes electric vehicle tyres different?

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