Electric Vehicles
Electric vehicles

Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles have become increasingly popular during the last few years and it’s easy to see why. EV’s have so many advantages, they’re kinder to the environment, cost less to run as well as being extremely enjoyable to drive.

If you’re the owner of an electric vehicle you may find yourself researching the best place to take your electric car for servicing, tyres or an MOT. You’ll be reassured to know that we’ve been preparing for having electric vehicles in our workshops for years. We have the equipment, expertise and training in place to ensure we can help maintain your electric or hybrid vehicle to a very high standard.

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Electric vehicle servicing

Electric vehicles require technicians that have in-depth knowledge of the specialist components and technology associated with EV’s. We’ve ensured that an advanced vehicle technician in each workshop is IMI trained to work on electric and hybrid vehicles. 

This ensures all our branches can carry out high quality electric vehicle servicing, MOT testing and air-conditioning regas.

Electric vehicle tyres

Whilst you can legally fit any make of tyre to your electric vehicle, if you want to retain the performance, range and comfort of your EV it’s recommended you fit EV approved tyres.

We stock a wide range of electric vehicle tyres and can source practically any make of tyre in any size or fitment. 

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Electric vehicle tyres
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Electric vehicle MOT testing

Just like any other vehicle, when your electric vehicle is 3 years old it will require an annual MOT to check it’s safe and roadworthy.

An MOT is a legal requirement for all vehicles, including EV’s. An electric vehicle MOT is similar to a standard MOT, the main difference being that there is no emission test as EV’s have no exhaust.