Back in 2012, the change was made that all tyres within the EU would come with a labelling system making it easier for you to make an informed choice when buying a new tyre. Up until now, Brexit hasn’t affected EU tyre labelling, so it’s good to know what these labels mean for you and your tyres.

EU Tyre labelling measures 3 main factors on each tyre:

  • Fuel Efficiency

  • Wet Grip & Braking Distances

  • External Noise

With the EU labels, you will be able to see how your new tyre performs based on fuel consumption.  This is categorised from grade A, meaning most efficient, down to grade G, meaning least efficient.  When buying a new tyre, looking out for one which has a good grade in fuel efficiency could save you money. A car fitted with Grade A tyres would use less fuel than a car fitted with Grade B-G tyres, which could save you some money on your petrol or diesel.

Using the same graded system, EU tyre labels will also be able to tell you how well your tyres perform when they are braking in wet conditions.  This is again categorised from Grade A, meaning it stops safely and in the shortest distance, down to Grade G, which has the least wet grip and has the longest stopping distance. A car fitted with Grade A tyres could stop around four car lengths sooner than a car fitted with Grade G tyres. 

Lastly, the EU tyre labelling allows you to compare the noise level of your tyres.  The tyre noise level is measured in decibels, as well as up to three black bars to illustrate the level of noise.  If you’re looking for a very quiet tyre, make sure only 1 out of 3 bars is black.  It’s important to remember however, that the tyre noise that is heard outside of a car may not always relate to what you hear when you are within the car driving.

Although EU Tyre Labelling is a great start to distinguishing factors on tyres, it is self-certified, meaning manufacturers are able to score their own tyres.  EU Tyre Labelling may not be the only thing to consider when buying new tyres, although it definitely helps consumers to understand what tyres they are buying and if they are suited to them. At Eden Tyres & Servicing, we’re happy to help if you have any further questions regarding EU Tyre Labelling, just get in touch via our contact page or by giving us a call on 0845 299 7955