• Our most comprehensive service
  • Using premium Castrol oil
  • Save £££’s on dealership major services
  • Maintain your dealership warranty

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The full or annual service consists of a comprehensive check of your vehicle to ensure vehicle safety for the next 12 months.

In this service we removed all wheels (so we’ll need your locking wheel nut key) to do a thorough brake inspection and will also check your handbrake is working fully and adjust it if necessary.

As this is our most comprehensive service we also replace your air filter, pollen filter* and spark plugs**

We top up all your vehicle fluid levels including the transmission fluid, washer fluid, anti-freeze, power steering fluid and clutch fluid.

Again, your service light will be reset and your service book stamped (please make sure you have it to hand) which will importantly ensure that your dealership warranty is protected.

We will check your manufacturers service schedule to ensure that all the necessary checks have been included that are necessary to maintain that all important dealership warranty. See our full service checklist here

  • Replace Oil Filter
  • Castrol Oil Change (up to 7 litres)
  • Replace Pollen Filter*
  • Replace Spark Plugs**
  • Comprehensive Brake inspection with wheels removed
  • Handbrake check & adjust
  • Check Brake Pipes
  • Check for fluid leaks
  • Check & report on any corrosion
  • Check exhaust condition
  • Check Bearings
  • Check tyres
  • Check dashboard warning lights
  • Check air-con system
  • Check fuel tank condition
  • Check all fluid levels
  • Top up anti-freeze
  • Check Brake Fluid condition
  • Top up transmission fluid
  • Checks lights
  • Top up washer fluid
  • Check windscreen wipers
  • Check steering components
  • Check battery performance
  • Set all tyre pressures
  • Wheel nuts torqued to required settings
  • Road test
  • Reset service light
  • Stamp service book
  • Provide a full written report

* where easily accessible, up to 30 minutes labour

**excluding platinum or iridium plugs. An additional quote can be supplied on request.