Can car dealers open in the new 2021 national lockdown? Can I buy a car in the third lockdown? Will there be another MOT exemption?

Boris Johnson has announced that a new lockdown will come into force this week putting the whole of England into the new highest level of restrictions.

Medical chiefs have warned that without tightening the rules the NHS would be overwhelmed within 21 days.

Even more car dealers will now have to close their showroom doors to customers but similar rules to before will likely be put in place.

There are now different but more severe restrictions across the four nations.

What do the lockdown rules in England mean for car dealers?

The new restrictions are broadly similar to those put in place in March – with the message to stay at home and protect the NHS.

While the government has classed car dealers as non-essential it has said ‘these venues can continue to be able to operate click-and-collect’.

In his announcement, Boris Johnson said people will only be allowed to go outside for essential activities, such as not being able to work from home and essential shopping.

This does mean showrooms in England won’t be allowed to open their doors to customers from tomorrow (Jan 5) and sales will have to happen remotely.

Car dealerships will be able to operate in the same way they did in recent tier lockdowns with a click-and-collect or home delivery service in place.

Can I buy a car in the national lockdown?

Consumers have been allowed to buy cars from dealers since showrooms were allowed to first reopen in June 2020.

It has now been confirmed that they will be able to continue buying cars remotely either online or over the phone, but these cars will need to be paid for in advance.

It is believed these rules are the same as the current Tier 4 restrictions, where test drives are not able to take place and only distance sales are allowed.

Can I get my car repaired or serviced in the lockdown?

Garages and car workshops have been classed as essential throughout the lockdowns, meaning you can get your car fixed or serviced if it is essential.

The message is still to stay at home where possible though.

Will there be an MOT exemption?

As with previous tier restrictions and lockdowns, service and repair centres have been able to continue operating.

Therefore it is unlikely there will be another MOT exemption – particularly as there is still a backlog of cars to be tested.

The government guidance on the new lockdown says that vehicle repair and MOT services can remain open and you are allowed to leave home to get an MOT ‘if you need to drive when lawfully leaving home’.

Original source: Car dealer magazine online

By Rebecca Chaplin 5th January 2020. Click here to read the full article.

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