It doesn’t have to be difficult saving money on your car.  There are several ways you can cut costs, many of which are simple to implement.  Here’s how to save money on your car expenses:

Car Insurance

Insurance comparison websites are an easy way to find out the best options available to you.  It’s worth making the change of insurance providers – even if the difference is only by a few pounds each month, over time this will add up.

Save on Fuel

Fuel prices are always changing, but you don’t have to be subject to ridiculously high prices if you know the cheapest priced fuel and where to get it. Petrol Prices is a great resource as it works out the cheapest fuel prices in your area.

Supermarkets also give discount on their fuel when you spend a certain amount in-store.  The discounts can be up to 5p or 10p a litre, which is a worthwhile saving to make.

Change Driving Habits 

  • Making changes to your driving habits can make your fuel last longer and, therefore, help you to save money on your car expenses.
  • Avoid aggressive stopping and starting – you want your accelerating and braking to be smooth.
  • Avoid driving with heavy things in the boot – the added weight in the car means the car exerts more effort when accelerating.
  • Keep your tyres at the right pressure – if the pressure is too low, it creates drag which requires the car to use more fuel.
  • Remove the roof rack when it’s not in use – roof racks add a lot of wind resistance, creating drag.  Consequently, the engine has to work harder and uses more fuel.
  • Turn off the air conditioning – at lower speeds, it’s better to have the windows open instead of the air conditioning on, and vice versa for driving at high speeds.
  • Don’t completely fill your tank – fuel is heavy, which means filling the tank to the top adds weight to the vehicle.  Filling the tank more often, with less fuel, is a more efficient approach.

Check your vehicle before an MOT

Failing an MOT for small faults can be costly; that’s why it’s important to check your vehicle over beforehand.  It is worth checking the front, rear, dipped and hazard lights, headlights and indicators.  To understand what is examined during an MOT, we have a comprehensive list on our website.

Saving money on you car expenses can be easy, just by applying a few changes.  In fact, they’re so simple you can start making some of these changes right now.  We hope these suggestions are helpful, but if you need any more help just contact the experts here at Eden Tyres & Servicing.