Hunter Wheel Alignment – Why we choose it

Ensuring the four wheels on a car to point in the same direction and are aligned has always been vital. Over many years, cars and their mechanisms have hugely evolved, and now cars are built for comfort and performance rather than simply getting from A to B.

Our cars are able to achieve and maintain a great ride as long as their steering and suspension are measured and adjusted to the car’s specifications. This can be achieved by checking the alignment of all four wheels.

Here at Eden Tyres, we have invested over £250,000 into installing the latest Hunter Alignment equipment within all of our branches. We are extremely confident that nothing will get the job done better, or be more cost effective.

Why do we choose Hunter?

  • We’re confident they’re the most accurate and reliable system available. Hunter is renowned in the industry as the very best when it comes to alignment, and their award winning research and development team provide us with the very best equipment, training and technical support.
  • Hunter has constantly updated, specific data for 1000s of vehicles, which allows us to set every vehicle to its exact manufacturer specifications.
  • Hunter provides the customer with an easy to read, before and after printout which shows them exactly what’s been adjusted, and that the job has been done correctly.
  • Live TV monitors in our reception areas allow you to see your vehicle being adjusted as it happens. With an easy to follow ‘Green for in’ and ‘Red for out system’, our customer service advisers can easily explain what is being adjusted on your vehicle.

Not all vehicles can have all four wheels aligned. Some vehicles can only have their front wheels alignment adjusted, whereas others can have their front, rear, caster & camber adjusted using the Hunter Wheel Alignment system. It’s so important that your vehicle is aligned as the manufacturer intended; if your alignment is incorrect it can lead to a number of problems:

  • Uneven Tyre Wear- Tyres that are misaligned often show signs of this on the edges of the wheel. This is not always obvious, so it’s advised to take time to check your tyres every now and again.
  • Pulling to one side- By driving a car that has misaligned wheels, you may find that when driving along a straight and flat road, the vehicle drifts to one side. You may find this to be more obvious during braking.
  • Crooked Steering Wheel- When tyres haven’t been aligned, the steering wheel can remain off straight or off level regardless of if the car is driving straight ahead.

Realising your vehicle has an alignment problem is not always an easy task. We would highly recommend one of our free alignment checks every 3 months, as factors such as potholes, kerbs and general wear and tear can contribute to misalignment.

If you fail to get your alignment corrected you may soon get the following problems: