International Women's Day

As it’s International Women’s Day this week, we’re celebrating all the amazing women who are part of the Eden team.

Today we speak to Carla Golisti, our Internal Sales Development Manager:

Name: Carla Golisti

Position: Sales development manager

Located at: Head Office

How long have you worked at Eden Tyres & Servicing?

CG: I will have been with the team for 13 years in July!

Why did you choose to work for ETS?

CG: I joined when I was 17; when I came for my interview I was introduced to the team and everyone was so fun and friendly which I absolutely loved. I also really liked that it was a family run business and this transpired when I met everyone.

What do you enjoy the most about your role?

CG: I really like being able to solve problems for our customers and helping them out. Also over the years here due to my natural ability with geographical knowledge, I’ve taken charge of all the logistical work for our wholesale deliveries which I really enjoy doing. 

What is a career highlight of yours so far?

CG: A career highlight of mine would have to be starting out at the really small wholesalers in Ripley and over time us moving into the really nice purpose built head office in Codnor and seeing the company grow and develop over time. It has been so nice to watch how ETS has expanded and got to where we are today. 

Do you think that the Automotive industry is something that more women should get involved in?

CG: Yes, definitely. It can be quite daunting for women in this sort of industry but it would be so nice to see more females joining. When I first started, it was just Joanna, our marketing manager, and myself at the front facing of the business and some ladies in accounts, but it has been so nice to see more and more women join our team. It adds a lot more diversity to the place and it is so nice to see both men and women in our workplace.