Looking after your car's battery

Did you know that the main reason for cars not starting is a failed battery? According to the RAC, a breakdown is most likely to occur on a Monday morning when you try starting the car after a weekend of leaving it on the driveway. None of us wants to get caught out with battery failure, so we thought we’d share our tips on looking after your car’s battery.

What causes a car battery to fail?

The number one reason why batteries fail is their age. On average, a good battery will last around 5 years. During its lifetime, something called “sulphation” happens, which means the lead plates are affected and the battery is less able to hold a charge over time. If you do not use your car very often, your battery might also go flat if it’s not used for a long period. It’s easy to forget about a battery as it does not need replacing as often as, say, your windscreen wipers. But it’s just as important to keep your battery in good condition so that it’s less likely to fail when you least expect it!

Tips for looking after your car battery

  • A distinct drop in temperature might cause your battery to lose its charge. If you have a home garage, store your car inside during the winter months to prevent damage to your battery.
  • In very cold weather, you could invest in a battery insulation sleeve or “battery blanket” – this is an effective solution if you do not own a garage.
  • To reduce strain on your battery, don’t turn on anything electrical before starting your car.
  • Dirt and grease can build up around the terminals, weakening a battery’s circuit. A good clean with a toothbrush will help extend the life of your battery – don’t forget to disconnect the terminals first!

Call in for a Battery Check

While the tips above are all useful to bear in mind, our top recommendation for looking after your car battery is to have it checked by a professional at least once a year; this will highlight any issues and determine whether you need a replacement anytime soon.

Here at Eden Tyres & Servicing, our battery checks are completely free, and only take 5 minutes! After the check, we’ll give you a printout which documents your battery’s current health. And if it’s time for a replacement, we stock batteries that will fit around 95% of UK cars – so we’ll have your car ready to hit the road in no time!  

If you’d like more information about looking after your car’s battery, that’s what we’re here for. Give our team a call on 0845 299 7955 or visit one of our branches.