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All vehicles over 3 years old are required by law to have an annual MOT test. The MOT test is designed to make sure that a vehicle meets the minimum safety standards acceptable for it to be roadworthy.

All our MOT testers are selected for their knowledge, experience and fair attitude to vehicle testing. They will ensure your vehicle is thoroughly inspected and meets the safety requirements set out by the DVSA.

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MOT Class 4

£44.95 inc. free retest

Class 4 MOT’s are suitable for cars, small vans and motorhomes up to 3,000kg

MOT Class 4 testing centres

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MOT Class 7

£44.95 inc. free retest

Class 7 MOT’s are for commercial vehicles weighing between 3,000kg & 3,500kg

MOT Class 7 testing centres

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MOT Class 5

£44.95 inc. free retest

Class 5 MOT’s for private passenger vehicle, minibuses and ambulances.

MOT Class 5 testing centres

MOT repairs near me

If your vehicle fails the MOT test, then our branches can carry out the vast majority of MOT repairs onsite. Our technicians can provide you with a no-obligation quote and an estimate on how long the repairs and retest are likely to take. Our MOT retesting is free of charge providing the vehicle is retested within 10 days of the original test; this is the case whether we carry out the repair work or you choose to take the vehicle to another garage or repair it yourself.



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MOT testing near me

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Most of our branches carry out MOT’s onsite, the few that don’t have MOT testing facilities can arrange to take your vehicle to a local, trusted testing station. MOT tests usually take just under an hour to carry out so many customers choose to relax in reception with a complementary drink whilst this is done.

FAQ's about MOT Testing

What is an MOT Test?

MOT stands for Ministry of Transport test and checks that your vehicle meets the minimum safety & environmental standards to be legally driven on the road.

All cars over 3 years old require an annual MOT test. Your car must pass the MOT test to be legally driven on the road.

What should I do if my MOT is overdue?

It’s illegal to drive your vehicle on public roads without a valid MOT certificate. If you find out that your MOT test has expired you must book a test as soon as possible.

Although you cannot legally drive a vehicle without a valid MOT you are permitted to drive to the test centre where your test is booked.

How early can you get an MOT?

MOT certificates are valid for a year and the expiry date is shown on your MOT pass certificate.

You can MOT a vehicle up to a month (minus one day) before the expiry date and retain the same renewal date. ie. If your MOT runs out on the 3rd March the earliest you can have an MOT is from the 4th February.

Is it cheaper to get an MOT & Service at the same time?

Yes. If you visit our offers page you’ll be able to get a discount code to save £15 when you book a full service with an MOT.

Can I wait while the MOT is carried out?

Yes. Most MOT tests take around 45 mins and you are more than welcome to wait in our reception area whilst we carry out the test.  If your vehicle needs MOT repairs then these could take significantly longer in which case you may decide to leave the vehicle with us.

What's checked in an MOT?

The MOT test is a basic safety test to ensure that the vehicle meets to minimum safety requirements to be allowed onto the road.

See exactly what is inspected here.

Do I have to pay for an MOT retest?

No. Provided your vehicle is retested within 10 working days of the original test then there is no fee.  This applies whether we carry out the repair work or you get it done elsewhere and just bring it back to us for the retest, our retest is always free. 

My MOT has expired, can I still drive my car?

No. It is illegal to drive a car once your MOT has expired.  The only exception to this is if you are driving your vehicle to a pre-booked test at an MOT testing station.