Pirelli Tyres

Pirelli Tyres

Pirelli Tyres

Pirelli is an Italian tyre manufacturer and the fifth-largest tyre company in the world. Founded in 1872 they are a specialist in developing premium tyres, having a passion for both innovation and cutting edge technology.

Pirelli work closely with prestige car manufacturers to design approved tyres for Aston Martin, Porsche, Jaguar, Audi and BMW. They have over a 50% market share in OE manufacturer approved tyres. Their tyres deliver incredibly high levels of performance, grip, quietness and safety and their strong association with Formula One has made them a household name.

Pirelli Cintaurato P7

Pirelli Cinturato P7™

The Pirelli CINTURATO P7™ has been designed to deliver on safety whilst also having a very low environmental impact. If you’re looking for a safe car tyre but also want to respect the environment then the P7™ is a tyre to consider. Thanks to advanced rubber compounds, a specifically designed tyre structure and tread pattern design this tyre really delivers with short braking distances and safe handling.

  • Energy efficient, with a low rolling resistance to help save on fuel
  • Excellent braking and handling
  • Designed for acoustic comfort and low cabin noise
Pirelli Pzero

Pirelli P ZERO™

The Pirelli P ZERO™ has been designed to deliver sporty performance with superior grip and control. It has been chosen by numerous vehicle manufacturers as the approved tyre for their performance vehicles. It features an attractive, asymmetrical tread pattern which improves braking performance and enhances handling capabilities.

  • Tyre structured to improve steering response
  • Designed for even tread wear, extending the life of the tyre
  • Excellent in wet conditions, safely protecting from aquaplaning
  • Advanced “nano-composite” tyre compound for maximum grip and stability
  • S-shaped grooves in tread lower cabin noise for a more comfortable drive

Pirelli PZERO™ PZ4

The Pirelli P ZERO™ PZ4 is an ultra-high-performance tyre which benefits from the technology and design knowledge Pirelli has gained from working at the top of competitive motorsport. The PZ4 has a range of vehicle manufacturer approved tyres that are customised to deliver the very best performance from each car.

  • Asymmetrical tread pattern improves braking performance and control
  • Excellent wet grip and prevention of aquaplaning
  • Unique compound for maximum grip and stability
  • Designed to wear evenly for longer lasting tread
  • Tread pattern developed for low noise levels
Pirelli Powergy

Pirelli Powergy™

The new Pirelli POWERGY™ is a great choice for drivers wanting to choose a safe tyre which also has a low environment impact. Designed for passenger cars and SUV’s its green performance lowers fuel consumption, saving on fuel costs.

  • Grade A best in class for wet grip
  • Delivers a comfortable ride
  • Precise handling in all road conditions
  • Lowers fuel consumption


The Pirelli SCORPION™ VERDE has been designed to provide SUV’S with very high levels of grip and stability in any road condition. These tyres combine safety and comfort with fuel saving capabilities and lowered CO2 emissions.

  • Excellent grip in all conditions
  • High levels of comfort and safety
  • Energy saving design to save on fuel
  • Lowered environmental impact and reduce CO2 emissions
Pirelli Scorpion VERDE All Season


The Pirelli SCORPION ™ VERDE ALL SEASON is a specialist SUV tyre designed to deliver on both performance and low environmental impact. This all-season SUV tyre can be used throughout the year and features M+S (mud & snow) verification markings, providing extra grip in light snow and cold conditions.

  • Suitable to use throughout the year
  • Extra grip in light snow
  • Excellent wet grip capabilities
  • Low environmental impact
Pirelli PZero ELECT
Pirelli PZero ELECT


Pirelli P Zero ELECT™ is a specialist tyre designed for electric vehicles.

  • This tyre is designed to have low rolling resistance so it’s very energy efficient. This means this tyre will help you achieve maximum electric vehicle range from a single charge.
  • The P Zero ELECT™ has been designed to provide the high levels of grip needed for the increased power and torque of an electric vehicle. The structure of this tyre has also been reinforced so it can cope with the extra weight of an EV.
  • Noise reducing technology allows for this tyre to be as quiet as possible to ensure your drive is comfortable and pleasurable.
  • As electric vehicles are heavier and more powerful they put additional stress on tyres. The P Zero ELECT™ has been designed to provide optimum electric vehicle performance alongside long-lasting tread wear.

Pirelli tyres

P Zero

The Pirelli P ZERO™ range of tyres are specifically designed for performance vehicles. Their asymmetrical tread pattern and nano-composite construction allows for ultimate grip and control. The PZERO™ tread pattern features S-Shaped grooves which lower cabin noise and allow for a smoother more comfortable ride.


The Pirelli Cinturato™ tyre range have been specifically developed to deliver green performance, lowering environmental impact without compromising on safety or performance. Designed to have low rolling-resistance, these energy efficient tyres lower fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.


The Pirelli Scorpion range of tyres is for 4×4 and SUV vehicles. Available in summer, all-season and winter patterns each tyre is designed for short, safe braking distances. They also feature energy saving technologies, reducing fuel consumption and lowering CO2 emissions.