Pirelli tyres

Pirelli Tyres

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Pirelli is the fifth largest operator in the world in the tyre sector, and is the leader in “Premium” tyres, the high range segments with high technological content.

Pirelli tyres

Founded in 1872 Pirelli are a key brand within the tyre market and have been supplying premium tyres since 1922. The Italian brand has been strongly associated with motorsports since 1907. Currently Pirelli is the exclusive tyre supplier for the Formula One Championship with their Pirelli P-Zero range of tyres.

However, Pirelli is not all about the track. What sets Pirelli Tyres apart from competitors is their ability to bring track technologies for on-road driving, creating some of the best products for the ultra high performance tyre segment.  Pirelli tyres are well known throughout the world for their investment in research and development.

In a constant strive to improve the quality, performance, safety and environmental impact of their tyres, Pirelli invests around 3% of revenues each year on research and development; one of the highest levels of research investment in the tyre industry.

They have a ‘Green Performance’ strategy meaning this tyre manufacturer operates with constant and increasing attention to products and services of high quality and technology whilst having a low environmental impact.

It is no surprise that Pirelli tyres manufacture original equipment tyres for high end performance intensive vehicles such as Mercedes Benz, Jaguar, Land Rover and Lamborghini. Pirelli’s Pirelli PZero tyre remains the benchmark for the ultra high performance segment. Other high performance tyres from Pirelli include Pirelli PZero Nero, and Pirelli Pzero,  Rosso Direzionale tyres.