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We’re very proud to be part of the Castrol Service network of garages which enables us to provide the very highest quality of servicing available at fair, fixed prices. Using premium Castrol oil and top quality filters & parts, our servicing maximises the lifespan of your vehicle, helps maintain it’s value and protects your manufacturer warranty.

Castrol servicing offers a genuine alternative to visiting a main dealership at a fraction of the price.


Our streamlined approach to servicing means booking a service is simple and straightforward. We offer either interim or full servicing and costs simply depend on your engine size. All prices include labour & vat.

The level of service we’d recommend will depend on how long it’s been since your vehicle was last serviced and how many miles you have done since then. We generally suggest an interim service around every 6000 miles or 6 months or a full service every 12000 miles or 12 months. If you’re unsure which service is right for your vehicle please contact the team at your local branch for guidance & advice.

Full Servicing

Recommended every 12 months or 12,000 miles

Interim Servicing

Recommended every 6 months or 6,000 miles

Small car icon

under 1299cc

Interim Service £107

Full Service £197

medium car icon

1300cc- 1799cc

Interim Service £127

Full Service £207

saloon car icon

1800cc -2299cc

Interim Service £147

Full Service £247

sports car icon

over 2300cc

Interim Service £147

Full Service £277

Booking a vehicle service


What service does my car need?

The service we would recommend depends on when your car was last serviced and how many miles you’ve done since then. As a general rule we would recommend an interim service every 6 months or 6000 miles or a full service once a year or around every 12000 miles. 

What to bring to a car service

It’s a good idea to check your service book is in the car, we usually advise you place it on the passenger front seat so our technicians can find it easily and ensure your service is recorded and service book stamped. If you are bringing your car in for a full service then we’ll need to remove your wheels and so will need your locking wheel nut key.

How long does a vehicle service take?

We like to ensure our services are completed fully and thoroughly and would advise that an interim service would take around 2 hours to complete. If your vehicle is booked it for a full service we would normally recommend you leaving it with us for at least an entire morning or afternoon. 

Can I borrow a courtesy car when I have my vehicle serviced?

Selected branches do have complimentary courtesy cars available. These can be loaned to customers with a full driving license over the age of 21 years old. If you’d like to reserve the courtesy car then please contact the branch where you have your service booked. Please ensure you bring your driving license with you so we can fill out the necessary paperwork prior to you borrowing our car. Whilst there is no charge for our courtesy car, we do limit the mileage to 20 miles per day.

Do I need the dealership to service my car to protect my warranty?

If you choose to service your vehicle with us then your dealership warranty will be protected.

Despite what some dealerships may tell you, you are not obliged to get your vehicle serviced with them during warranty periods. The EC block exemption regulation 1400/2002 which came into effect in October 2003 means that by law, if independent garages service your vehicle to main dealer specifications using OE “matching quality” parts, your warranty will be maintained.

Should I have an engine flush with my service?

Our service technicians sometimes recommend Tec-4 engine treatments whilst servicing a vehicle. Recommendation will depend on what your annual mileage is, how long it’s been since your last service and whether you’re experiencing any problems with your vehicle. Tec-4 manufacture a range of highly effective, professional grade treatments that are available in all our branches. Please ask your customer service advisor at your local branch for more details.