With winter slowly but surely on its way out, it’s time to start thinking about getting your car ready for slightly warmer weather when spring finally rolls back around. We’ve put together our top tips to help you shake off winter and prepare your car for the spring months.

Spring Clean

Whether you’ve been storing your vehicle over the winter or have been using it the whole season through, a thorough clean both inside and out will make your car feel as good as new! If you’ve been using your car through winter it is likely to have picked up some road salt over time, which is a corrosive substance and can cause rust if left, so getting this off is vital! Don’t forget to clean floor mats and remove any rubbish left over from those long winter drives.


Road salt that can corrode your vehicle is likely to stay on the undercarriage if it is not cleaned away properly. This is best done using a professional pressure washer, though car washes that do a thorough undercarriage wash are great alternatives. You could also use a garden hose on a high pressure to help clean what winter has left over for you.

Windows & Wipers

When conducting your spring clean, ensure you pay close attention to windows. They tend to steam up easier when they are dirty, which isn’t good for clear vision at all angles. Your windscreen wipers are likely to have been put to good work over the winter months, so it’s advised you take a look at these to see if they need replacing. If they’re still in good condition, give them a good clean to avoid them damaging your windscreen during use.


If you fitted winter tyres to your car, March is around the time they will need replacing with all-season tyres. Even if you fit new tyres to your vehicle, ensure you continue to regularly check pressure and tread depth to guarantee maximum safety at all times. Spring is also a great time to have your tyres alignment checked, which will help them to wear evenly and extend the lifespan.

If you’re unsure what checks to conduct when the spring months come in, why not get your vehicle looked at by a professional? Here at Eden Tyres, we can conduct free, no obligation checks on your car to ensure it’s performing to the best of its abilities.

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