Staff Focus on Sutton manager, Jon Tagg

When did you first join ETS?

I can remember the exact date I started working for ETS, it was the 17th April 2001.

What was it like back then?

At the time I joined the company, it was a very small, family run independent garage. Everyone knew everyone and it was quite old-fashioned.

What do you think has made you stay with the company so long?

I have stayed working here because I love the fact it’s a family run business. I’ve always got on well with John Eden and both his son’s Matt Eden and Jim Eden; they’ve made me feel like part of the family and have become great friends and are always very approachable.

What do you enjoy most about your job as a branch manager?

I thrive off busy days in the branch, it’s great to have a motivated team on days like that. I also enjoy building relationships with customers, it’s nice to see the same faces year after year and know that they trust us to look after their vehicle.

I’ve recently started doing more work with the customer service side of the business. Working with both existing staff and new starters to ensure that customers are looked after right from that very first phone call. Although I’ve only just started this, I can see it becoming one of the most rewarding parts of my job.

Has much changed since you first joined ETS?

The company has grown enormously from the small independent it was when I first started. It’s still very much family run and has a family feel, but it now has many more branches which are generally much bigger with more modern equipment. The company puts a very high emphasis on customer service and is seen in the industry as having a very up to date approach, we want our customers to come back year after year and so really focus on giving honest advice and great customer service.

Have you a favourite memory from your time here at ETS?

I’ve lots of great memories but my favourite has to be when John and Matt interviewed me and gave me the job. I can honestly say that day changed my life!

Any advice for staff that have joined the company recently?

My best advice would be to keep your head down and work hard. If you do that then as the company continues to grow, they’ll always be opportunities to climb the ladder.

Any advice for those thinking of started a career with ETS?

I’d say that if you want to work in this trade, you’d be hard pushed to pick a better company to work for than ETS. It is hard work, but there are lots of rewards and opportunities along the way. It’s also good to know that ETS always prefer to promote from within so if you’re in it for the long haul, who knows where you might end up.

Many of the managers first joined the company as inexperienced tyre fitters so it’s safe to say that if you have the right attitude and you’re prepared to work hard, there’s a good chance of climbing the career ladder with a company like Eden Tyres & Servicing.