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Tesla Tyres

Michelin Tesla Tyres

Tesla Tyres

Tesla Tyres

Choosing the best tyres for a Tesla. 

American EV manufacturer Tesla have been producing electric cars since 2003. Their Tesla Model 3 is the world’s all-time best-selling plug-in electric car and the company had the highest sales of both plug-in hybrid and fully electric cars in 2020.

There are now 5 models of Tesla on the road, the Tesla Roadster which was the first to be manufactured in 2009, which was followed by the Model S sedan in 2012, the Model X SUV in 2015, the Model 3 sedan in 2017 and the Model Y crossover in 2020.

Tyres for Tesla cars

You’ve invested heavily in an electric vehicle which has the most advanced features available. Not only does your Tesla save you on running costs, it is an ultra high performance vehicle; with their standard Model 3 going from 0 – 60mph in 5.3 seconds. Zero emissions, quiet on the road yet incredibly powerful – EV’s really are the future of automotive.

Tesla approved tyres

High performance vehicles like Tesla demand the very best in tyre technology & design to ensure they perform to their optimum level. They need a specialist tyre designed to cope with the high level of power & torque, quiet enough so you can enjoy the EV experience (& infotainment), give a smooth ride and deliver a very low rolling resistance to maximise the incredible driving range. This is why we would always recommend owners fit approved tyres.

Tesla approved (OE) tyres can be identified by T0, T1 & T2 markings on the tyre sidewall. A number of tyre manufacturers have developed tyres for the range including Michelin & Pirelli. These specially designed Tesla tyres provide optimum performance, safety & durability, having undergone stringent testing by the manufacturer to ensure they meet the highest standards.

T0 & T1 tyres are designed to:

  • Deliver superior grip
  • Give a smooth, very quiet drive
  • Have a low rolling resistance to maximise EV range

Tesla tyre brands

A number of tyre manufacturers make Tesla approved tyres including Michelin, Continental, Pirelli & Hankook.

Michelin Tesla tyres

Michelin tyres

Michelin tyres are fitted to more than 50% of Tesla cars and have ensured their tyres benefit from specialist technology to enhance the drive of Tesla vehicles. Michelin T0 tyres have “Acoustic Technology” designed to lessen vibrations caused by the road surface, reducing internal vehicle noise by approximately 20%. This reduction in noise allows drivers & passengers to use hands-free communication more easily, lessening fatigue on long journeys.

Michelin Tesla approved tyres:

  • Use acoustic technology
  • Lessen internal noise by around 20%
  • Maintain vehicle comfort

Michelin Pilot Sport 3 T0

Tesla model S

  •  245/45R19 
Michelin Pilot Sport 4S T0

Michelin Pilot Sport 4S T0

Tesla model S

  • 245/35R21 96Y XL
  • 265/35R21 101Y 

Tesla Model 3

  • 235/35R20 92Y XL
  • 275/30R20 97Y XL
Michelin Pilot Sport 4 Tesla

Michelin Pilot Sport 4 T0

Tesla model 3

  • 235/45ZR18 98Y XL
Michelin Lattitude Sport Tesla

Michelin Latitude Sport T0

Tesla model X

  • 255/45R20 105Y XL
  • 275/45R20 110Y XL

Pirelli Tesla tyres

Pirelli Pzero ELECT

Pirelli P Zero ELECT™

Pirelli Pzero PZ4

Pirelli P Zero PZ4


As with all vehicles, Teslas don’t have a standard tyre size. Your tyre size will depend on the model, wheel size and specification. Some Tesla vehicles have the same size tyre fitted on all four wheels whereas some models have larger tyres fitted at the rear and slightly smaller tyres on the front.

Here are commonly found tyre sizes for Tesla’s most popular models. If you’d like to know what tyres we have available for your vehicle click here

Tesla model s tyres


The Model S can be supplied fitted with either 19″ or 21″ inch wheels.


Tyre size: 245/45R19 102Y XL


Front tyre size: 245/35ZR21 96Y XL 

Rear tyre size: 265/35ZR21 101Y XL

Tesla model 3 tyres


The Model 3 can be supplied fitted with either 18″ or 20″ inch wheels.


Tyre size: 235/45ZR18 98Y XL


Front tyre size: 235/35ZR20 92Y XL

Rear tyre size: 275/30ZR20 97Y XL

Tesla Model X tyres


The Model X is supplied fitted with 20″ inch wheels. 


Front tyre size: 255/45R20 105Y XL

Rear tyre size: 275/45R20 110Y XL