How often do you check the pressure of your tyres? Ensuring the correct tyre pressure is maintained has multiple benefits to the vehicle itself and your safety, so it’s vital you check.

Your vehicles handbook should be able to tell you the suitable tyre pressure for your manufacturer. It is the vehicle owner’s responsibility to ensure tyre pressure is regularly checked and corrected. Here at Eden Tyres, we would recommend taking some time to check for ideal tyre pressure around once a month or before any long journey.


Tyres that are under-inflated are the most common reason as to why a tyre can fail or result in a blowout. This can result in loss of control and a potential accident. With tyres that are correctly inflated, this is unlikely to happen and therefore safety is optimum.


Tyres that have been inflated to the correct pressure are likely to last much longer than those that are under-inflated. If a tyre is under-inflated by 5 PSI (pounds per square inch) it can reduce the life by around 25%. Tyres that are not checked often can lose around 1 to 2 PSI every month.


Ensuring your tyres are at their correct tyre pressure can mean you are being kinder to the economy. Under-inflated tyres can increase your fuel consumption by around 5%, so you’ll be paying out for more petrol and harming the environment.


Tyres with the correct pressure can improve our vehicles steering, stopping and grip. Under-inflated tyres can increase stopping distances by up to eight metres, even more so in heavier vehicles and double in bad weather. Under-inflated tyres are not worth potentially hitting something on the road.

It’s not always obvious if your tyre has lost pressure and is in need of reflating. Tyres can lose air during the warmer months, so we’d advise taking out more checks during the summer.

If you’re unsure how to inflate your tyres or what pressure is right for your vehicle, we at Eden Tyres can help you. For more information, you can call in for a free, no obligation tyre check at one of our 17 branches, where we will be more than happy to help. Alternatively, you can call us on 0345 2997955 or contact us via our website.