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The perfect balance between durability, price & performance.

European tyre manufacturer Tomket were established in the Czech Republic in 1997. A family run business, they have grown significantly in recent years and are now well known as a global tyre brand sold worldwide in over 60 countries.

The Tomket tyre range includes summer, winter & all-season tyres across over 300 sizes.  They continue to invest heavily in researching & developing their tyres with a focus on providing long lasting tyres which deliver excellent grip & stability at an affordable price.


Tomket Eco

Designed to deliver exceptional performance in both wet and dry conditions. The Tomket Eco summer tyre features an asymmetrical tread pattern encompassing three deep grooves designed to quickly disperse surface water, improving wet grip and minimising the risk of aquaplaning.

This tyres unique compound has a high silica content which promises to maximise grip, improve traction & stability at high speeds in both wet and dry conditions.

The inclusion of solid blocks on the outer tyre help ensure even wear and increase longevity.

Tomket Sport

The Tomket sport features a unique tread design that is designed to reduce the risk of aquaplaning and deliver exceptional grip and stability even at higher speeds.  This asymmetrical tyre features four large central grooves which help to quickly disperse surface water from under the tyre, reducing the risk of skidding or aquaplaning in wet conditions

Tomket have also included a 3D block design which enhances traction on both wet & dry road surfaces. Constructed with the addition of a rigid central belt withing the tyre, designed to improve grip and stability even at higher speeds.

Tomket SUV tyre

Designed for SUV’s and four-wheel drive vehicles, the Tomket SUV features an asymmetric tread pattern with four longitudinal grooves down the centre to ensure efficient water dispersion, minimising the risk of aquaplaning in wet conditions. Manufactured with an enhanced compound which contains higher levels of silica, steering response is improved and grip is increased.

Tomket Van

This specialist van tyre is designed for light trucks and commercial vans. A relatively quiet tyre, it is designed to cope with heavy loads and high mileage.  Three wide grooves in the tread ensure excellent water drainage and resistance to aquaplaning. Large central tread blocks help distribute the load evenly, reducing uneven tyre wear and increasing stability.