Top 10 New Years Resolutions for 2018

We’re already over a week into the New Year and many of us are desperately trying to stick to our new year’s resolutions! The New Year is a time for us to reflect on the past year and decide what it is we’d like to change, or attempt to!

As drivers, over time we can fall into bad habits, or get unworried about certain aspects of driving. Though we should all take the time to become better drivers, often we can forget to take care of the vehicle itself, or what it takes behind the wheel.

We’ve put together our top motoring resolutions for you to try out in 2018.

1. Check Ups

Though our cars have to undergo an MOT yearly, and many people opt to put their cars through a servicing too, a check-up twice a year can help to make the most of your vehicles fuel efficiency and performance. Having a professional technician check up on your car every so often also has the ability to save you some money, as potential issues can be spotted early.

2. Tyres

It’s hugely important to pay attention to the tyres on your car, specifically because they can have a huge effect on how your car drives and how safe your car is on the road, particularly in cold, wet or icy conditions like in the UK. Remember to check the pressure of your tyres, as well as the tread depth. To find out the right tyre pressure for your car, check the vehicles manual. The minimum legal tread depth for tyres is 1.6mm, but it is advised you replace your tyres long before you reach the legal limit. We’d recommend checking your tyres around every 1-2 weeks.

3. Environment

The way we drive has a huge impact on the environment, and most of us can make small changes to ensure the way we drive is more economically friendly. For many of us, all that is required is to simply slow down- driving at 80mph can use up to 25% more petrol than driving at 70mph. As mentioned above, ensuring the tyre pressure is correct for your vehicle is a great way to ensure the amount of fuel used is kept to a minimum.

4. Interior

Take some extra time out of your weekend now and again to give your vehicles interior a good old scrub. Spilt drinks, food crumbs and wet mud can make any vehicle look bad, not to mention the bad odours it can also bring. Try to remember to clear out any rubbish from your car after every journey, and give your vehicle a quick hoover every couple of weeks. The longer mess is left in your car, the more likely stains are- which isn’t good if you plan on selling your car in the long run.

5. Car Wash

Ensuring you take some time to give the exterior of your car a good old clean can keep your vehicle looking as good as new. Regular car washes can protect the overall finish off your car. In the colder, winter months, road salt and bird mess can cause havoc to your cars exterior as they are corrosive. By washing your vehicle regularly, the paintwork will remain in a great condition, as well as helping to prevent rust from getting to the structure of the vehicle.

6. Fluids

Every week, take the time to take a look at how your vehicles fluid levels are doing, including oil, coolant, windscreen washer and brake and clutch fluids. Your car relies on these fluids in order to keep you safe and getting from A to B. It’s important that these fluids are looked at regularly and maintained. This will help to keep your car running as it should for the year ahead, and potentially helping to save you a heap of money in the future!

7. Oil

Take a look at your vehicles manual to see when you should schedule an oil change within your vehicle. Improved oil formulas and lower emission fuels have meant the old rule of an oil change every 5000km is no longer needed. Many people take their cars to the garage for their scheduled oil change, where a professional will be happy to assist, however, others opt to do it themselves.

8. Quick Fixes

As a driver, you may run into unfortunate situations that see your windscreen chipping or the paint on the vehicle’s bodywork coming away. The great thing about these unlucky events is that they are quick and easy to fix- if you can’t do so yourself, take your car to your local garage. If you have got a windscreen crack, it’s vital you get it fixed as soon as possible, as they can quickly develop into unsightly cracks, eventually leading to your windscreen potentially shattering. Paint chips that have been left can also result in your vehicle rusting.

9. Less Miles

Make the most of your motoring New Year resolutions by combining it with keeping fit. In 2018, why not try to do less miles in your car? Using your car for short, quick journeys can quickly cause the miles on the clock to rise rapidly, decreasing the resale of your car. If you’re only going to the shop, try to jog it or cycle there instead, improving your fitness levels and wellbeing as well as being kind to our cars and the environment!

10. Skills

Ask yourself, how long ago did you take your driving test? If the answer is before the theory test even came into account, why not take some time to brush up on your skills? The official DSA Theory Test handbook is great for those who’d like to enhance their skills on the road. Alternatively, there are a whole range of fantastic quizzes and tests online that can help you to keep your driving skills in check, as well as advanced driving courses.

Here at Eden Tyres, we can help you to stick to your New Year motoring resolutions. If you’d like to find out more information on how to look after your vehicle in the New Year, you can contact a member of our friendly team by visiting our contact page or by giving us a call on 0345 2997955.