Toyo R888R tyres

Toyo R888R tyres
Toyo Tires Motorsport

Toyo R888R tyres

The Toyo R888R motorsport tyre is now in stock at selected branches!

The Toyo Proxes R888R tyre is a competitive track day tyre which is also road-legal, making it ideal for both track-day enthusiasts and serious racers who want a tyre to use on the road and on the track. The predecessor to the Toyo R888, the Proxes R888R has been completely re-engineered to deliver the ultimate performance on the track.

Toyo Motorsport approved locations

Toyo R888R tyres are exclusively available in the following Eden Tyres & Servicing branches:

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Battista Road

Burton On Trent

DE13 0FW

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Alfreton Road


DE21 4AP

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Harlaxton Road


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Toyo Proxes R888R

Developed for motorsport, the Toyo R888R features larger outer tread blocks for faster dry cornering and a wide centre rib for a sharper, more accurate steering response. The R888R also has a GG rubber compound, mixed to ensure the tyre heats more quickly for a faster warm-up time.

  • Road-legal List 1B Motorsport tyre
  • Perfect for track day or performance use
  • Superb grip in dry conditions
  • Enhanced steering feel & response

 The Proxes R888R really is a very complete solution for driving and track-day enthusiasts – as well as serious racers. The new labelling regulations mean that this tyre now stands alone in the market as a competition-quality design that can be legally drive to and from the circuit. This makes it perfect for track-day and club race use.

Enhanced dry cornering

The larger outer tread block enhances dry cornering capabilities and increases the lateral limit.

Faster warm up times

The GG compound ensures the tyre heats up more quickly for faster warm-up times.

Improved steering response

The wide centre rib improves steering feel and response.

Toyo R888R Tyre

Is the Toyo R888R road legal?

Yes the R888R surpass the latest tyre labelling regulations to make them road legal.

The Toyo R888R is one of the only List 1B motorsport tyres you ca legally drive on the road. This makes them a perfect choice for competitors who only have a single set of tyres or want to avoid costly and time consuming tyre changes before racing.

The vast majority of semi-slick racing tyres are only suitable for track use and illegal to drive with on the road.

Can you use the Toyo R888R in rain?

The R888R is not designed to be used in wet conditions or in the rain. This is one of the reasons we wouldn’t recommend using the R888R as an everyday tyre. The tread design means it doesn’t disperse surface road water like a normal tyre and so has limited aqua-planning capabilities.

Can you use the R888R tyre every day?

As the R888R is a road legal tyre, there’s nothing to stop you using it daily. However, we wouldn’t recommend it as the R888R is not suitable for wet or cold roads and, due to it’s soft, grippy compound, will wear very quickly. 

Toyo R888R tyre sizes

185/60R13, 195/50R15, 205/60R13, 205/50R15, 195/50R16, 225/45R17, 205/40R17, 215/45R17, 225/40R18, 225/45R16.