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Living in the UK, drivers have to contend with wet, rainy conditions approximately 165 days of the year. As road accidents are estimated to be twice as likely to occur on wet roads, Uniroyal have spent more than 30 years in the development of the perfect rain tyre and are now regarded as the experts in wet weather technology. Designed to provide optimum grip and performance in the wet, Uniroyal tyres are designed with “shark skin technology” to reduce the risk of aquaplaning. The unique tread pattern found on Uniroyal tyres effectively disperses water from under the tyre, so that it holds the road well and stops more quickly in wet weather.

Uniroyal tyres are a popular option  for many of our customers. They are not only great quality but great value and suitable for many vehicles and driving styles.  If you are looking to maximise safety when driving in rainy and difficult conditions, Uniroyal tyres are an excellent choice.

Uniroyal are part of the Continental Group

Uniroyal Rainexpert 3

As its name suggests, the RainExpert 3 summer tyre is a true expert in the wet. Developed for compact- and mid-range vehicles and SUVs.

  • Aquaplaning: High level protection against aquaplaning
  • Grip: Short braking distances on wet and dry roads
  • Fuel Economy: Lower rolling resistance for fuel economy

Uniroyal Rainsport 5

The new RainSport 5 combines best-in-class wet performance, enhanced mileage, and superior steering control for maximum driving pleasure.

  • Aquaplaning: Safe driving even in the most challenging wet conditions
  • Cost saving: Extended tyre life for a long journey
  • Handling: Excellent control and steering response for maximum driving pleasure

Uniroyal AllSeasonExpert 2

The new Uniroyal AllSeasonExpert 2 delivers outstanding safety and reliability all year round.

  • Aquaplaning: Safe driving in wet conditions with excellent protection against aquaplaning
  • Grip: short braking distance and enhanced traction performance on snowy roads
  • Handling: Precise steering response and controlled handling on dry roads

Uniroyal MS Plus 77

The Uniroyal MS Plus 77 is a winter tyre designed to deliver an equally high performance on snow and in wet conditions.

The tyre features wide grooves as part of the tread pattern to quickly collect and disperse surface water – reducing the risk of aquaplaning.

  • Handling: Excellent stability on cold roads, both wet and dry
  • Aquaplaning: Reduced risk, especially on snow slush
  • Grip: Increased traction on snow and ice

Uniroyal RainMax 3

Get safely and economically through rain and bad weather with the Uniroyal RainMax 3. The improved and economic summer tyre for vans and commercial vehicles.

  • Aquaplaning: Safe driving and short braking distances in wet conditions, developed to offer greater aquaplaning protection
  • Handling: Outstanding handling and braking performance on dry roads.
  • Improved fuel efficiency: a better rolling resistance leads to a higher mileage and an improved fuel consumption

Uniroyal SnowMax 2

The Snow Max 3 from Uniroyal is a winter tyre developed for vans.

  • Provides maximum winter performance combined with excellent levels of grip on wet roads.
  • Features a decreased wear rate making for an increased tyre life span.
  • Optimised tread pattern that displaces water and slush more effectively leading to increased stability on wet roads, which reduces the risk of aquaplaning.
  • The new and improved winter compound allows for less sipes across the tyre surface enabling a more stable tread pattern which results in a higher mileage.


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