As the tier systems are constantly changing and restrictions are becoming more confusing and unclear, we have put this blog together to collate some answers to frequently asked questions surrounding motoring in tier 4...

Are garages open in tier 4 and what measures are in place?                 Yes, garages are open in tier 4 and are classed as an essential service. They do however need to adhere to certain guidelines and precautions to ensure maximum safety for both customers and staff. These measures include staff members wearing gloves and changing between each vehicle they are working on, washing their hands regularly as well as the business having hand sanitiser in staff and public areas. Cars should be wiped down before and after work is carried out with minimised interaction through social distancing across the site. Lots of garages (including us here at Eden Tyres & Servicing) have online booking systems and for a quick and easy experience with minimal contact.

 Where can I drive in tier 4?                                                                           If you are living in an area that is tier 4, you must not leave this area other than for a few legally permitted reasons which include: 

-travelling to work where you cannot work from home
-travelling for education and caring responsibilities
-visiting (including staying overnight with) those in your support bubble – or your childcare bubble for childcare
-attending hospital, GP and other medical appointments or visits where you have had an accident or are concerned about your health. 
You also cannot drive to visit friends and family in lower tiers in their homes, at a restaurant or a bar and if you do have to travel you should stay local and look to reduce the number of journeys you make overall. You cannot leave your home or the place you are living for holidays or overnight stays away from your main home unless you have a reasonable excuse for doing so, for example you are moving home or seeking refuge. This means that holidays in the UK and abroad are also not allowed.

Are car washes open? 

Automatic car washes are allowed to stay open in tier 4, however manual car washes do have to close. This is because of the fear that the chance of workers catching the virus will increase. Many automatic car washes are located at petrol stations in the UK, which are allowed to stay open as they are considered an essential service.

Can I car share in tier 4?

In tier 4, the restrictions suggest that you should not travel at all, unless it is for work, education, medical appointments, or to visit a support or childcare bubble. 

For example, if car sharing is necessary as part of your job or if you need to take someone to a doctor’s appointment, there is an allowance.  Where it is essential to car share, motorists are urged to only do so if they are transporting the same passengers each time and to minimise the group size. Essential workers who car share are also urged to open the car windows for ventilation as well as sitting side by side or behind other people rather than facing them to lower the rate of transmission. Those who are giving lifts for work, education or medical reasons should also thoroughly clean and sanitise their cars between journeys concentrating on the door handles, seatbelt buckles and general areas that people touch. Finally, if there is more than one person in a vehicle at a time from separate households, the Government says that both people should be wearing a mask or face covering. 


Can I travel between tiers? 

You must stay at home and not leave your Tier 4 area or travel to other areas, whether they be in the same tier or not. There are however some exceptions for why you may be able to travel between tiers:

-to travel to work where you cannot work from home         

 -visit or stay overnight with people in your support bubble, or your childcare bubble for support purpose

-Attend hospital,GP and other medical appointments or visits where you have had an accident or are concerned about your health          

-to provide emergency assistance, and to avoid injury or illness, or to escape a risk of harm (such as domestic abuse)


This should have hopefully helped clear up some commonly asked questions surrounding the new tier 4 restrictions relating to the motoring industry. Here at Eden Tyres & Servicing, we will be open for your essential automotive needs throughout the new restrictions.

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