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Volkswagen is one of the leading vehicle manufacturers worldwide and has an excellent reputation for high quality, well built vehicles that deliver the very best in both performance and safety. As they’re such a popular, well established brand the choice of tyres for their vehicles is relatively vast.

We stock a wide range of tyres to suit all VW models from premium performance tyres to branded mid-range options and tried and tested budgets. So, whether you’re looking for a tyre that’s going to deliver the optimum performance or one that has the best longevity, we’ll have something for you.

VW approved tyres

Volkswagen approved tyres are marked with a “⊕” mark to show the tyre has been tested and approved by VW.

Approved tyres are sometimes referred to as homologated or OE (original equipment) tyres. In simple terms, these tyres are developed by the tyre manufacturer and vehicle manufacturer and undergo rigorous testing to achieve approved status. Whilst you can fit any tyre that is the correct size, speed and loads rating, fitting an approved VW tyre ensures you get maximum performance and safety.

Why choose Eden Tyres

We’ve been supplying & fitting tyres for over 40 years and are now one of the largest, independent tyre retailers in the UK. This means we are able to offer a wide choice of tyres in all brands at competitive prices.

Tyre fitting can be booked online but you don’t have to pay a penny until your tyres have been fitted. With a pair of tyres typically taking around 30 minutes to fit you’ll be back on the road in no time.

All our technicians have the skills & experience to fit your tyres quickly & professionally. To ensure we offer a complete service we also provide wheel alignment, TPMS & alloy wheel straightening.