Hosting our first ladies night for the Derby Ladies Circle and Derby tangent groups

We had an enjoyable and informative evening last week as we hosted our first ever ladies car maintenance workshop for the Derby Ladies Circle and Derby Tangent groups.

Mark Noon, our Giltbrook manager taught the workshop and covered areas from checking fluid levels and dashboard warning lights to how to change a spare wheel and tyre safety.

The ladies were shown how to check their tyres with a tread depth gauge or a 20p piece, how to find the correct tyre pressure for their vehicle and what to look for when checking their tyres.

They all left with a complimentary ETS goody bag and hopefully some car maintenance knowledge too.

One of the ladies said: 

“A fantastic evening of learning about looking after our cars…little scared at how little I knew!! Thank you very much for taking the time to support Derby Ladies Circle and Tangent. It was brilliant!!!” – Sam

If you’re interested in hosting a similar event at one of our branches then please email and we’ll do our best to help.