Obtaining a punctured tyre can be a daunting moment in any driver’s life as you worry about the need to replace it quickly – and the costs.  However, a punctured tyre doesn’t always mean it will need a replacement, and repairing a tyre is often a fraction of the price. So, when is a punctured tyre repairable, and when will it need a replacement?

When your tyre has a puncture, it is vital that it’s completely removed from the wheel in order for thorough checks to be carried out, which can reveal any internal damage.  It’s important that you take the tyre to a respectable garage to be looked over by a professional who can assist you further.  Any unnoticed impairment can result in a failure of the tyre, which can be extremely dangerous if you’re on the road.  Alternatively, avoid any further damage being made to the tyre by fitting your spare wheel.

If your tyre has unfortunately acquired a puncture, it may be repairable depending on the location. As set by British Standards, repairs can be carried out if your puncture is located within the centre of the tread, but if it is closer to the sidewall of the tyre, it may need a replacement.  If your tyre has been punctured by a large object or by something sharp such as metal or glass, it will need to be replaced.

If there are no other options and you don’t have a spare wheel, punctured tyres can be repaired with sealant. Sealant can be put into a tyre through the valve, at which point a compressor or cylinder of compressed gas is then used to re-inflate the tyre. If you choose to use a sealant, remember it could stop a tyre from being repairable, as it acts like a glue and cannot always be washed away.

If you have experienced a flat tyre whilst driving and have had to travel a distance on the uninflated tyre, it will most likely be irreparable. This is because the structure of your tyre may be badly damaged, meaning the only choice will be to replace.  The best thing to do would be to take your tyre to a reputable tyre specialist who can advise you on what route to take.

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