When Should I Replace My Tyres?

Do you know when your tyres should be replaced? Don’t leave it until your MOT to find out – here are the main signs you need new tyres:

Tyre tread depth is below the legal limit

Due to the lack of grip on the road, driving on worn tyres is very dangerous and could accrue a fine if they are below the legal tread depth limit.  It is important to check your tyres regularly for this type of wear; if they are below the legal limit they should be changed as soon as possible.

How to check the tyre tread depth

The legal requirements for tyre tread depth is 1.6mm – conveniently, this is about the width of a 20 pence coin’s outer rim.  If your tyres are starting to look worn, insert a 20p into the grooves and if the outer rim is not covered, your tyre is probably ready to be replaced.

Damage or unusual wear on tyres

Whether it’s a pot hole that just sneaks up on us, or we accidentally clip the kerb while parking, there are many factors that could contribute to damaged tyres.  If you notice an abnormality such as a cut or perforation, it’s time to get the tyre checked.  It is better to replace your tyres when you notice damage, rather than continue driving and risk an accident.

Abnormal wear on tyres also should not be ignored.  If a tyre looks unusually worn on one side, this could be a problem with the alignment or suspension.  Not only would we be able to fix this problem for you, but we could also advise on whether to swap your tyres around for even wear or to replace the worn tyre entirely.

The tyre does not stay inflated

Tyre pressures should be checked once a month and topped up if necessary, especially before long journeys, but if you are needing to pump up a tyre more frequently than this, it might be time for a repair or a replacement.

Different tyres on each wheel

Ideally, the same make of tyre should be used on each wheel of your car, and, if possible, they should all be of a similar wear.  Your local Eden Tyres branch will be able to help you if you’re unsure about the uniformity of your tyres.

Changing tyres with Eden Tyres 

Here at Eden Tyres, we want to make the process of changing tyres as quick, hassle free and cost effective as possible.  You can Click & Reserve your tyres online, or you can visit one of our branches and receive advice from our tyre experts.  We can diagnose whether it’s time to change your tyres and recommend the best options for your requirements.

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