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Winter Tyres

Every year there seems to be more information available on Winter tyres but many of our customers are still unsure if they’re really worth the investment. After all, buying another set of 4 tyres for your car isn’t going to be cheap, so what are the benefits?

Winter Tyre Benefits

Most people tend to think that Winter tyres will only be worth investing in if we get a lot of snow and ice during the winter months. Whilst it’s true that Winter tyres are absolutely invaluable during the most challenging winter conditions, they also keep you much safer in all temperatures below 7C, giving you more control in all weather conditions and ensuring you stop much more quickly in an emergency.

The 7C Winter Tyre rule

You’ll benefit from having Winter tyres fitted in all temperatures lower than 7C, which will account for much of the winter months. This is because Winter tyres are made of a specialist compound that contains more silica; this means that during cold spells the compound stays more pliable and supple than standard tyre compound and so gives you more grip, control reducing your stopping distances and enabling you to accelerate in slippery conditions when necessary.

Winter tyres also have special cuts or ‘sipes’ in the tread. These are designed to actually pick up and stick to snow (a bit like when snow balls stick to each other) giving you dramatically more grip and control during snowy spells. If you live in a rural area where the roads don’t get regularly cleared, Winter tyres can prove to be invaluable as without them, many drivers can simply not attempt to use their vehicles.


Although there’s no denying that Winter tyres are an added expense, they don’t have to be expensive. They are becoming available in more and more sizes from a wider range of manufacturers; this means we can offer you a wider range of tyres, from inexpensive budget winter tyres to top of the range premium tyres. We recommend you fit winter tyres in sets of 4 to maintain the stability of your vehicle, however some of our customers choose to fit them in pairs (on the driving wheels) which will also help give improved grip during the winter months.

Once you’ve made the investment you will of course be taking your standard tyres off your vehicle for the winter months, so pence per mile it will probably cost around the same as these will last longer when they’re only used in the warmer months.

If you haven’t got room to store your winter tyres at home, we can also provide a tyre hotel service where we look after them for you. It costs just £15 to store your set of tyres with us for an entire year and you can be assured they are kept in a safe, dry environment.

Still not sure?

If you’re still unsure whether Winter tyres would be worth investing in but are looking to replace your tyres soon then why not consider an All Season Tyre.  Manufacturers Michelin, have designed the Michelin Cross Climate to offer the benefits of Winter tyres in a tyre that can be used all year round. These premium quality tyres are a great alternative to winter tyres if you’d rather keep the same set of tyres on your vehicle for 12 months of the year.



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