Zeta Tyres

Zeta Tyres

Zeta Tyres

If you’re looking for a low-cost tyre that delivers on quality and safety then Zeta tyres are a great choice. As a primary stockist of ZETA, we’ve been recommending this tyre to our customers for years and have found Zeta to be a very reliable & affordable brand of tyre. Ideal for drivers wanting something better than a budget but more affordable than a branded mid-range tyre. Zeta tyres are available with run-flat technology.

Zeta Alventi

Zeta Alventi

The Zeta Alventi is an affordable, ultra-high performance summer tyre. It’s asymmetric tread design has 4 straight grooves which ensure effective water dispersion, reducing the risk of aquaplaning and enhancing wet grip capabilities.

This tyre has been designed to reduce road noise, thanks to the optimised pitch variance. It is made from a rubber compound which contains a high level of silica which aids noise reduction, improves grip and mileage. Enhanced tyre block stiffness ensures this tyre is suitable for heavy loads, improving handling capabilities in all weather conditions.

  • 4 straight grooves for unparalleled wet grip
  • Enhanced braking and stability at high speeds
  • Expertly tuned pitch variance for reduced road noise

Zeta ZTR50

The Zeta ZTR50 car tyre is a great value tyre designed for reliable grip and a long-lasting tread. Developed to have a low rolling resistance for fuel saving capabilities.

The tyre tread has a CAD generated pitch pattern to reduce road noise and increase driver comfort. Made form an innovative rubber compound that provides better all-season grip and improved mileage.

Available in sizes 13″ to 15″ this is a fantastic choice for drivers wanting a high-quality affordable tyre for a small to medium sized vehicle. 

  • Sizes 13″ to 15″
  • Noise reducing tread design
  • Energy saving properties for reduced fuel consumption

Zeta ZTR10

The Zeta ZTR10 is an Ultra High Performance Summer tyre designed to be fitted to Passenger Cars. Available in a range of sizes from 16” to 18” and with run-flat technology for BMW and Mini owners.

This tyre has been designed with a directional tread pattern and four longitudinal grooves which have been optimised for rapid water dispersion that aids grip and steering control on wet roads. The centre rib of the tyre has a high level of stiffness to improve both straight-line performance and response and stability when cornering or changing lane.

  • 16″ to 18″
  • Four optimised grooves aid water dispersion
  • Available with run-flat technology

Zeta Impero

The Zeta IMPERO is a high-performance summer tyre designed for the SUV & 4×4 market. Its modern design ensures superb handling and a smooth, comfortable ride.

The IMPERO promises confident performance and consistent wear, helping prolong the life of the tread. This is a great choice for SUV and 4×4 drivers looking for an affordable tyre that delivers comfortable on-road performance and low road-noise levels. Available in sizes from 16” to 22” and also with run-flat options for BMW and Mini drivers.

  • In sizes 16″ to 22″
  • Available with run-flat technology
  • Great value, on-road SUV, 4×4 summer tyre

Zeta ZTR18

The Zeta ZTR18 is an affordable summer van tyre designed to provide good grip in all conditions, including stony, muddy, off-road surfaces. The tyre tread features continuous channels to aid water dispersion, prevent skidding and aquaplaning in wet conditions. It also incorporates non-directional twists in the tread for grip in moderate mud and stony surfaces.

The Zeta ZTR18 is made from a special compound that helps reduce fuel consumption and extend the longevity of the tyre.

  • Sizes 15” to 16”
  • Better grip in moderate mud and on stony surfaces.
  • Helps lower fuel consumption
Zeta ZTR08

Zeta ZTR08

The Zeta ZTR08 is an affordable commercial van tyre made to withstand extra weight. This tyre has been designed for improve stability, and deliver extra grip and braking performance. It has special optimised sipes in the middle of the tread that help provide enhanced grip. Made from a compound that reduces fuel consumption and prolongs the life of the tread.

  • Sizes 14″ & 15″
  • Compact shoulder design for improved stability
  • Compound reduces fuel consumption & extends tread life

FAQ's about Zeta Tyres

Who are Zeta Tyres?

Zeta tyres are part of the Shanghai based SD International tyre company. SD international were founded in 2002 and now have 5 of their own brands including Zeta and Pace tyres under production.

Zeta tyres are produced for light commercial, SUV and passenger cars with a range of all-season, fun-flat and winter tyres also available.

Where are Zeta tyres made?

Zeta tyres are made by Shanghai-based contract tyre manufacturer, SD International (SDI).

Are Zeta tyres good quality?

Zeta tyres are perfect for the price conscious driver who wants a safe, reliable tyre. Higher quality than a budget tyre, Zeta are an affordable mid-range tyre that is less expensive than well-known branded mid-range tyres.