5 tips for dealing safely with a breakdown

Dealing with a breakdown safely in any situation is an important aspect of being a driver, and as the colder and darker days draw ever closer, it’s vital you’re prepared for any vehicle mishaps. We’ve put our five top tips together to help you deal with a breakdown in the safest way possible.


No one knows when a breakdown is going to happen, so it’s a good idea if you prepare your vehicle just in case. Invest in a high visibility jacket or vest and keep it in your car for situations like this; a high vis jacket is a great way to ensure you are seen at all times by other drivers. Other items that you can keep in your car for potential breakdowns include a first aid kit, torch and an emergency triangle. Making sure you have all these items can help ensure you are prepared and safe in all situations.

Pull over

If you notice that something may be wrong with your car, it’s important you pull over in a safe and secure place as soon as possible. Use your hazard warning lights at all times to alert other drivers to the fact that you are driving slowly in order to safely pull over. Leave your hazard warning lights on even when you have pulled over, to keep drivers notified of your presence, and that there is a problem with your car. Whenever possible, stay in your car with your seatbelt on.

Exit safely

If you find for any reason that you need to exit the vehicle, it’s essential that you don’t attempt to exit on the traffic side of the vehicle; especially if you have broken down on a busy road.  Exit the vehicle via the left-hand side, climbing over the passenger seat if need be.  As the driver, it’s important you make sure that any passengers exit the vehicle the same way if required.

Dealing with the problem

If your car has a flat tyre then do not attempt to replace it unless you are in a safe area.  It isn’t safe to change a flat tyre near busy traffic and lots of accidents happen this way, if you’re in any doubt, leave it to the experts. If there is an issue with your car, depending on what it is you may be able to identify the problem and rectify it without harm. It’s usually really helpful to refer to your manufacturers handbook, if you decide that you’ve identified the problem and can deal with it yourself then just make sure that you follow the safety precautions listed above.

Call for help

If you know you’re going to need roadside assistance, it’s important that you call your breakdown service as soon as you can.  They will make their way to you as soon as possible, getting you back on the road in one piece or towing you to the nearest reputable garage for help.  If you don’t have a mobile phone or breakdown cover, it’s important to remain patient and sit tight. Roads are patrolled often and help will find its way to you eventually. If you can make sure you never drive without a charged up mobile phone you will always be able to call for help.

Breakdowns can be a scary part of any driver’s life, so it’s important they are dealt with in the best way to ensure you are able to get back on the road as quickly, and safely, as possible. 

At Eden Tyres & Servicing, we recommend regular servicing to ensure your vehicle is safe to be on the road and reduce the risk of breakdown.  It might also be a good idea to take advantage of the FREE checks we offer for your vehicle, especially if you’re planning a long journey.  If you’d like to find out more from us, call today on 0345 2997 955 or visit our contact page.