ADAS – Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

As vehicle technology advances, more and more new vehicles are being manufactured having intelligent systems that assist the driver in varying ways. Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems, or ADAS, is a term used to collectively describe these smart features. Examples of ADAS systems include Front Collision Warning and Autonomous Emergency Braking (Front Assist); Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC); the Parking Steering Assistant (Park Assist); Active Lane Departure Warning (Lane Assist).

ADAS systems rely on a combination of sensors and cameras to operate as intended.

When we carry out wheel alignment adjustments on your vehicle, the cameras and sensors that enable these features can on rare occasions go out of calibration which results in them not operating as they should. As this technology is so new and advanced, our branches do not currently have the ability to recalibrate these systems. Therefore, we would always recommend you consult the advice of the vehicle manufacturer regarding ADAS calibration prior to alignment if you drive a vehicle that features ADAS technology.