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Automotive apprenticeships

Eden Tyres & Servicing Academy

The first step in your automotive career

Choosing the right company for your automotive apprenticeship is vital in getting your career on the right track. Having the latest equipment, tools and an experienced team around you is essential for your learning and progression.

We offer a supportive learning environment and a knowledgeable team who will help you develop your automotive skills. They’re approachable and willing to share decades of knowledge with the next generation of automotive professionals. Alongside your hands-on learning in the workplace you’ll also receive recognised training leading to level 2 and level 3 qualifications with Remit training.

Who are Eden Tyres & Servicing?

Eden Tyres & Servicing is a family run tyre & automotive company which has been in business for over 40 years. In recent years we have grown rapidly and now encompasses a growing network of garages throughout the East Midlands.

We have built a solid reputation as one of the most premium independent automotive experts in the UK and are known for delivering high quality services & investing heavily in technology, training and the development of our team. Our focus on providing exceptional customer service has made us the garage of choice for thousands of vehicle owners in the region. We are very proud to work closely with national and international brands such as Castrol Oil, Hunter Wheel Alignment, APEC braking and Exide batteries.

Automotive Technician Level 2

An Automotive Technician carries out a range of services and repairs to cars, small vans and light goods vehicles. This role requires a unique combination of technical, retail and customer service skills.

Automotive technicians will use a range of tools including measuring and diagnostic equipment to identify and repair simple system faults. To complete this training successfully you must not only demonstrate expertise in the technical elements of the role, but also in the customer service aspect, developing excellent communication & customer care skills.

You will have to be able to work as part of a team but also be comfortable working independently, using your own initiative. A successful technician will gain a good understanding of how their centre operates from a commercial perspective and understand how their actions, including maintaining a high standard of workmanship and customer care, contribute to the overall success of the business.

Why choose us for your automotive apprenticeship?

Choosing the right environment for your training is vital in getting your automotive career on the right track. Having the latest equipment, tools and an experienced support network is essential for your learning and professional development. We have an experienced, knowledgeable team who will guide you and help build your automotive skills. They’re friendly, approachable and willing to share their expertise with the next generation of automotive professionals. Alongside your hands-on learning in the workplace you’ll also receive recognised training leading to level 2 qualification.

We believe the next generation of automotive experts are the learners of today and we’d like the most promising candidates on our team right from the start. We want the best workforce in the automotive business and know that nurturing young talent is key to our future success. Individuals who are keen to progress in their career are fully supported, whether you have an ambition to be a Master Service Technician, an MOT tester or even work in the management team it’s both achievable and encouraged.

The future of automotive

We have a strong reputation for staying at the front of the field when it comes to embracing modern technology.

It’s no secret that our industry is going through some massive changes with the electric vehicle revolution already starting to gather pace. Current predictions are that by 2030 over 40% of all vehicles visiting our branches will be full electric and the vast majority of the rest will be hybrids.

As an ETS apprentice you will have a golden opportunity to cement yourself in the business as an EV expert. We have equipped all our workshops with specialist equipment to ensure we can work on electric and hybrid vehicles and provide our technicians with professional EV training. The future of automotive repair has never looked better and with our aim is to be market leaders there really is no better place to start than with us.

Where could your apprenticeship take you?

We encourage and support individuals who are keen to progress in their career. Whether you have an ambition to be a Master Service Technician, an MOT tester or even work in the management team it’s both achievable and encouraged.

Many members of our team joined us on apprenticeship schemes or as trainees.

Automotive apprentice Scott is now a branch manager


Branch Manager | Newark

Scott joined us as an apprentice at just 17 years old. He’d completed a level 2 automotive qualification during sixth form and knew a career working with vehicles was the right choice for him.

Starting work at our Sutton In Ashfield branch in 2012 he attended college one day per week alongside developing practical skills and gaining knowledge within the workshop. He completed his level 2 vehicle inspection &light vehicle maintenance and repair before going on to pass his level 3 in vehicle inspection.

He then joined our Ripley team where he was soon promoted to assistant manager. In 2017 with our support Scott qualified as an MOT tester and four years later in 2021 he received another promotion, this time to branch manager at our Newark on Trent site. At 26 years old Scott is one of our youngest managers and a great example of how an apprenticeship can quickly get your career on the right track.

ETS Automotive apprenticeship


Trainee Assistant Manager | Burton

Curtis joined our Burton branch as an apprentice 3 years ago at the age of 17.  Completing his training with Remit he has gone on to achieve his level 2 light vehicle repair as well as f-gas certification and hybrid vehicle training.

His mentor throughout his training was Burton manager Neil Daniels. Thanks to the skills he learnt from Neil and the training at Remit he’s now an accomplished service technician and progressing towards his first management role. 

“As Neil has now been promoted to the regional team, I’ve been given the opportunity to train as an assistant manager for the branch. I would recommend an apprenticeship to anyone! It’s given me a really clear career path and developed not only my technical skills but also my communication and leadership skills too. These skills will stand me in good stead for a long and successful career in automotive”

ETS Operations manager Neil


Regional Operations Manager

Neil completed his 3 year apprenticeship at another garage back on 2010, completing his levels 1,2 & 3 in vehicle maintenance and repair.

In 2011 he joined the team at our Derby branch, quickly going on to obtain training and pass his MOT testing certification. 3 years later he was promoted to assistant manager and in 2016 he was appointed as branch manager of our newly built Burton branch.

Neil spent 5 years managing the branch before accepting the role of operations manager within our regional team.

“I believe it was my apprenticeship that gave me the skills and mental attitude to take on such a progressive role within the industry. The management here have really supported me in all roles, ensuring my ambitions were realised and my hard work rewarded.


What are the entry requirements?

We will expect candidates to show good practical skills and have a positive attitude towards work. There are no minimum requirements on grades however to complete the training you must pass level 1 English and maths (or have the appropriate exemption certificate).

How do I apply?

If you are interested in joining the ETS academy please apply in writing with your current CV and a covering letter to Jim Nicholls at jim.n@edentyres .co.uk

What do I put in a cover letter?

Your covering letter is your opportunity to create a great first impression with our senior management team. There is no right or wrong way to write this but it’s a good idea to stand out from the crowd if you’re serious about getting a place in our academy. We would suggest including or at least thinking about some of the below points.

  • Why do you want to work at ETS?
  • What makes you want to start a career in automotive?
  • Do you have any relevant experience?
  • What are your long term goals?
  • Do you know ETS do your family use ETS?
  • If so what have your experiences with ETS been like?

What is the recruitment process?

All academy applications will initially be received & reviewed by our retail director and the operations manager for the relevant area. We will short-list the most promising applications for each region after which selected candidates will be invited to attend an open evening at a local ETS branch. The open evening will give candidates the opportunity to meet team members & branch managers, see how the business operates and ask questions. Candidates who’d like to proceed will then be invited to a formal interview and academy places will be offered to successful candidates.

How much will I earn?

We are proud to offer some of the highest learner rates in our industry!

Year 1 salary is £12,000 40 hour week (£5.76 per hour)

Year 2 salary is £14,500 44.5 hour week (£6.26 per hour)

What happens after the 2 years?

Candidates who complete the course successfully and perform well at work may be offered a full-time position as a service technician. Service technician positions once qualified have a starting salary of £24,000. If you demonstrate an aptitude for learning & wish to develop your automotive skills further you will also be offered the opportunity to continue onto a level 3 apprenticeship.

In addition to a level 3 qualification we also provide training on EV, Hybrid technology & air-conditioning. This is the route to progressing into being a Master Technician and/or and MOT tester; both of these roles command the highest salaries in workshops. Once you have gained the necessary knowledge & experience in the workshop there may also be opportunities to progress into managerial roles.

How many places are available ?

We have the capacity to recruit 10 academy members in 2022 across all our regions.

When should I apply when would I start?

  • Applications are open throughout May & June
  • Invitation only Open evening in August
  • Offers confirmed end of August
  • Successful Academy members induction early September