Boredom busting games for road trips with kids

For kids, long road trips can be difficult to get through. That’s why we’ve come up with 5 boredom-busting solutions to inspire some in-car entertainment.


Everyone loves a good sing-a-long, so why don’t you create a playlist full of great songs you can all belt out the words to? Disney songs are perfect because they’re so universal – everyone knows at least one. Or if Disney isn’t your thing, put together a bunch of songs you can all enjoy so no one is left out from the fun.

Remember: stay alert on the road; you don’t want to get carried away bellowing out ‘A Whole New World’

Restaurant race

Passengers spend a lot of time just staring out of the window on car journeys. You could make a game out of that; everyone could choose a restaurant, for example, Burger King, then count the number of times they see anything related to that particular  eatery.  To make things more interesting, set a wager, maybe a bag of sweets, or the winner could get anything they want from their chosen restaurant.  Your kids’ desire for their favourite food will keep them really engaged in the game.


Charades is a classic group game and you can go about it in a couple of ways. Your kids could play it the old-fashioned way with all the actions and miming but they’ll also have to generate your own ideas for each category.  Alternatively, you can download an app to your phone, which come up with different ideas and prompts to act out or describe. Your kids can amuse themselves playing this for hours, but remind them not to yell while playing, to avoid distracting you while you are at the wheel.

Build a story

Another classic game is Build a Story. One passenger starts the story with an introduction and everyone takes turns to come up with the next part of the plot. Compared to the books you’ve read, there won’t be nearly as much drama or unexpected occurrences as in this game!

Two truths and a lie

As you’ve already guessed, for this game you have to come up with three statements, and everyone else has to guess which the lie is. Make sure your lie is as convincing as possible so the game isn’t too easy.  It’s always interesting to see the kind of things your kids come up with!

Long car journeys don’t have to be daunting, and with this handful of fun activities neither you nor your kids have to be bored. To keep your vehicle safe before your journey, you can get it checked over by the experts at Eden Tyres & Servicing.