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Free winter car checks

Get your car ready for the colder months with a free winter safety check

Make sure your vehicle is prepared for the colder months this year by calling in for a free 14 point Winter Safety Check. It’s a busy time of year for most of us but it only takes a few minutes to ensure your vehicle is ready for winter.

Our trained technicians will  check coolant levels, battery health & tyre condition to help keep you  moving in the coldest of conditions. They will also check your screen wash, bulbs & wipers which are all essential if you’re to have clear visibility on dark, wintery roads.

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Engine levels

We check all engine fluid levels including oil, brake fluid and anti-freeze, to help your vehicle runs smoothly throughout the winter.

Breakdowns are common in winter and these simple checks really help reduce the risk.

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We check your tyre condition, tread depth and pressures to ensure you’ll be safe and legal.

Winter weather brings wet, cold roads and having enough tyre tread is essential when it comes to grip & safety.

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Battery Health

We check your vehicle’s battery health, to ensure it doesn’t let you down on cold mornings.

A battery that is reaching the end of it’s life can often fail completely in icy weather so it’s worth checking to avoid a breakdown.


We check your screenwash level and ensure it’s topped up so you can see clearly and it doesn’t freeze up.

A simple check but one that’s vital for you to see the road ahead clearly.

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When it’s dark it’s vital that you can see the road ahead – and it’s vital that other road users can see you!

We check your vehicle lights and wipers to make sure you can see and be seen on the roads this winter.

Windscreen Wipers

We’ll check the condition of your wipers to ensure they can effectively clear your windscreen.

Split, perished wiper blades are especially dangerous during the winter months and easy to replace if needed.


  • Fixed price servicing
  • Protects your vehicle warranty
  • Includes a free Castrol engine warranty

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Save £10 on Full Servicing


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under 1299cc

Interim Service £107

Full Service £197

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1300cc- 1799cc

Interim Service £127

Full Service £207

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1800cc -2299cc

Interim Service £147

Full Service £247

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over 2300cc

Interim Service £147

Full Service £277