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How to transport your Christmas Tree

It’s that time of year again and many of us will be planning on putting up our Christmas decorations this weekend.  Many people will have put a lot of thought into how to decorate their Christmas tree this year, but how many people have thought how they’re going to transport it home in the first place?

The first thing to do is think ahead. If you expect to purchase something too large to go completely inside your vehicle, think about what you’ll need:

  • A roof rack

  • A large plastic sheet or a tarpaulin

  • Some tie-downs, elastic cords or lengths of rope

  • A red flag, even.

Top Tips for getting your Christmas Tree home safely:

  • Consider having the item delivered instead, or think about hiring a van or pick-up.

  • If you use a roof rack, make sure it is fitted securely. Check your vehicle’s handbook or your Haynes manual for the maximum roof rack load. Some vehicles have roof rails to which a rack can be fitted.

  • Lay plastic or a tarpaulin across the roof rack before you load it, then wrap this around the tree and secure it with tie-downs, rope or elastic cords.

  • Load the roof rack with the largest items at the rear.

  • Some top boxes are shaped to carry skis, other sports equipment and small items but not very useful for transporting a tree.

  • If you don’t have a roof rack, a tree may go in through the tailgate or boot. If you can, fold down the rear seats and recline the front passenger seat. Make sure the load cannot interfere with the driving controls.

  • If you cannot shut the boot-lid or tailgate, secure your tree with rope or a tie-down – use bits of rag to prevent these scratching the paintwork. Anything extending more than 0.3 metres (about one foot) beyond the rear bumper should have a prominent red flag attached to it.

  • Make sure the number plate and rear lights are still visible if you have the boot-lid or tailgate partially open. Be aware that exhaust fumes may be sucked into the car as you drive.

  • That Christmas tree may go inside your car with the top poking out through the open sunroof. Or it may go in through a rear side window and rest on the seat. Don’t let it poke out of the side windows – this could be dangerous to pedestrians and cyclists. Also, make sure it is prevented from landing on your lap when you drive around corners! You can probably secure it with a seat belt.

Source : Haynes Publishing 

It’s also worth checking that your tyre pressures are going to be up to the extra weight. Many people forget that tyre pressure need adjusting when their vehicle is fully loaded, and at Christmas that means extra passengers and presents as well as transporting the Christmas tree! If you check your vehicle handbook, it will advise on what tyre pressures are recommended for your vehicle when carrying extra weight.  If you’re unsure, just call into your local Eden Tyres & Servicing and we’ll adjust your tyre pressures completely free of charge.