Should I Fit New Tyres to the Front or Rear?



If it's time to replace one or more of the tyres on your vehicle, you may be wondering where they should be fitted.  There are debates about whether tyres should be fitted to the front or rear of the vehicle - let's take a look at which is the right choice, and why.

Front or Rear?

Here at Eden Tyres, we recommend that the newest tyres should be fitted to the rear of your vehicle.  This is because, generally, rear wheels are not controlled by your steering wheel (unless your car is rear wheel drive), making it more difficult to control their grip while driving.

Having your new or least worn tyres at the rear of the vehicle ensures the greatest amount of control and security while you are driving, particularly in wet weather. Good tread depth is essential for grip, so new tyres at the rear is going to ensure the best possible grip.

Not only is this important for wet weather - even on a dry day, there are going to be moments in your drive which require good road holding, such as braking suddenly or taking a sharp turn.

If the front tyres need replacing:

If you are replacing front tyres, we recommend moving your rear tyres to the front, in order to keep the new tyres at the rear.  However, we would also recommend never to drive on tyres if they are too worn; while they might meet the legal requirements, it's important to stay on the safe side as they are the main protection between you and the road!

Finding the right tyres for your vehicle

So, we've ascertained where's best to fit your tyres, but what about the tyres themselves? It's important to make sure of the following:

  • Replace your tyres with ones of the same size and tyre, ideally the same brand and tread pattern
  • Don't be tempted to buy part-worn tyres - buy new to guarantee the safest option
  • Check your vehicle's manual to find out the manufacturer's recommendation for tyres
  • if in doubt, contact an expert!


If you're looking for more information, or if you need some new tyres fitted, the team here at Eden Tyres would be more than happy to help!

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