Tec-4 engine treatments now available at Eden Tyres & Servicing

Eden Tyres & Servicing are delighted to announce we now offer Tec-4 engine treatments in all our branches. The Tec-4 range of products are designed to address engine component contamination that leads to a variety of engine issues including lowered performance and increased fuel usage.

Selected branches* now also benefit from having Tec-4 Carbon Clean Machine which is specifically designed to clean DPF filters, avoiding the need for expensive replacement filters.

This treatment will undoubtedly prevent problems in diesel vehicles used for:

  • School runs
  • City driving
  • Short journeys
  • Stop/Start driving
  • Low mileage
  • Low speeds

“Diesel vehicles that do short journeys are particularly at risk of DPF blockages” explained ETS operations manager Jim Nicholls “cars that do a lot of stop/start driving in cities can over time end up with blocked up DPF’s which can often cost well over a thousand pounds to replace! The carbon clean machine will be able to provide preventative cleans to these vehicles.

If DPF’s aren’t cleaned of contamination then eventually they’ll block up entirely, causing damage to sensors and other engine components and leading to very expensive repair bills.

We know that by offering our customers who own diesel vehicles a preventative clean for just £87 we’ll be providing a service that will save them £££’s in the long run. Once we’ve completed the DPF cleaning treatment our technicians are required to carry out a 4 mile test drive to ensure the DPF is cleansed thoroughly and completely.

Tec-4 has a range of engines treatments that are designed to:

  • Improve Fuel Economy
  • Reduce Emissions
  • Restore Lost Performance

A number of ETS Technicians have been expertly trained by Tec-4 in the treatments available and will be able to advise our customers they feel would benefit from them.

The DPF preventative clean is now available at our Derby (Alfreton road), Rugby and Nottingham (Mapperley) branches. Tec-4 engine treatments are available in all ETS branches.

*available at Derby (Alfreton road), Rugby and Nottingham (Mapperley) branches.