If you find you’ve punctured your tyre while you’re on a motorway, you need to assess your environment. Is there a hard shoulder? How far are you from it? If you can, safely and slowly navigate your car onto the hard shoulder.  If you’re on a road and there’s no hard shoulder, you’ll need to drive slowly in order to get your vehicle off the road at the nearest opportunity.

If you can’t move your car safely off the road…

Put your hazard lights on and bring your car to a slow stop.  The other drivers will need to know in advance that your vehicle is now stuck on the road.  If you have a hazard triangle, place it some distance behind your car, facing oncoming traffic so other drivers are prepared to change lanes if they need to.

Regardless of where you are…

You need to be mindful of oncoming traffic, so stay well away from the main road.  Give your emergence breakdown service a call, and they can assist you in moving your car away from the motorway/road so it can be repaired somewhere safe.

Do not: try to keep driving on a punctured tyre, as you could end up in an accident or cause further damage to your car.

While your car is stationary

If you go to drive your car and find it has a punctured tyre, don’t worry. Can you change it to the spare for now? If not, be sure to call for a mechanic or car repair service immediately.  It is against the law to drive your car on a punctured tyre, regardless of how short your journey is going to be.

Remember: You cannot permanently fix your punctured tyre by yourself.  You could use the spare tyre or temporary sealant as a quick fix, but these are designed to get you to a nearby garage so that an expert can check things over. 

Why you need an expert to repair a puncture

  • Repairs to a tyre must be carried out in accordance to the British Standard BS AU159

  • The tyre must be removed from the wheel to check for internal damage

  • Sealants cannot be used as permanent repair solutions

  • Depending on their present state, not all tyres will be safe to repair

Here at Eden Tyres & Servicing, we can help you determine whether a puncture is safe to repair, or whether your tyre needs replacing.  Contact us if you’re in need of assistance, we’re always ready to help!