• ETS Tyre Hotel
  • Safe & secure storage
  • Just £15 per year for a set of tyres

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Tyre Hotel

Are you thinking of fitting Winter tyres this year but aren’t sure where you’re going to store your summer tyres?

Many motorists are put off investing in specialist winter tyres due to lack of storage, they simply don’t want a set of tyres taking up valuable storage space in their garage or home.

This is why we offer customers the ETS tyre hotel which provides safe and affordable storage for tyres all year round. At just £15 per set per year, it’s an inexpensive way of storing your tyres and when it’s time to swap your tyres back for the summer, we can easily store your winter tyres for you too.

Our secure storage facilities ensure tyres are kept in a well ventilated and dry environment, away from direct sunlight which can affect their condition. All tyre sets are labelled and stored safely for you until you need them again.

Of course, when it comes to refitting tyres that have been stored we can do that for you too! Ensuring they are inspected thoroughly prior to going back on your vehicle, they can be expertly fitted with a new valve and balanced ready for you to get back on the road.

*fitting charges will apply. Please ask your local branch for more details.